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11 Best iPhone X Wallet Cases: Which Is Right for You?

The mold-breaking iPhone X marks a new beginning for For Apple smartphones. Considering that the single numeral iPhone models have smaller screens, weaker processors, and less sophisticated cameras, they’re a thing of the past for modern trendsetters. Know what else is a thing of the past? Wallets. Check out our favorite iPhone X wallet cases and start managing your everyday carry the smart way.

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Why an iPhone X Wallet Case?

Getting an iPhone X case is a no-brainer when the phone has high-priced components and a delicate aluminum frame. But why would you weigh your phone down with a bulky wallet case?

Well, they are probably lighter than the billfold you are using now. Plus, wallets may soon become a thing of the past. According to surveys from Loup Ventures, about 43 percent of Apple phone users have Apple Pay enabled. At the same time, cash is being used far less and now even credit cards are becoming irrelevant thanks to on-contact digital payment options.

That said, it still makes sense to carry around your ID, a couple cards, and some cash for emergencies, and that is exactly what these cases are for.

On top of that, they protect your phone from drops and scratches just like the best protective cases out there. When you look at this way, it would be weird not to have a wallet case.

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