Is Instagram Down? Users Report Service Isn’t Posting or Uploading Photos

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Is Instagram down right now? Some people are reporting issues with Instagram, about a day after there was a brief spike in issues with the social media service. Some users are saying that Instagram isn’t letting them post or upload photos or stories,  along with other problems. Others are getting “try again” messages or messages about needing a better connection. So no, your account wasn’t taken down. There’s a service-wide issue right now. Some people are reporting that the service may be working again, but others are still having issues. Here’s a look at what’s happening.

People Are Getting Connection Error Messages & Can’t Upload to Instagram

There was a big spike in issues yesterday around 4 p.m. and now a small spike is starting to grow again today, according to DownDetector. It’s been going on for at least half an hour, but probably longer. So far, Instagram hasn’t said anything about the issues or responded to numerous tweets sent to its account.


About 20 minutes after the initial graph and you can see the problems are still growing:

Down Detector

As you can see from DownDetector’s live outage map, most of the issues are in the United States right now.

The main issues seem to be problems with posting, according to posts on Down Detector. Some say they can’t load past the home page, notifications are acting off, or they’re getting errors saying, “Couldn’t upload. Try again.” Others say they can’t get Instagram Stories to work or upload anything, they can’t send photos through DMs, and the app itself reloads very slowly.

Some are getting error messages that read: “We’ll try again when there’s a better connection.”

People are reporting that they can still send DM texts and comment on posts, but they can’t post any pictures or post to their story, send pictures or GIFs.

There’s a Reddit thread about the issues Instagram is having too.

Down Detector shows that 44% of the issues are with the news feed, 37% are with stories, and 18% are with posting.

You might also see an error that simply reads: “Something went wrong. Please try again later.”

People have also taken to Twitter to share their problems with the service.

With so many people sheltering in place, Instagram being down is especially a problem today. It’s a big source of entertainment for people.

The issue also showed up on Google Search trends, with the main searches being for “Instagram story not posting” and “why is Instagram not letting me post.”

In case you’re worried about Facebook, it looks like this isn’t extending to that social service. Facebook’s platform status is currently listed as “Healthy.”

If you think something’s wrong with Instagram, you’re not alone. Hopefully, this is resolved soon.

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