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31 Cool Gadgets for Men: The Ultimate List (Updated!)

Guys are pretty much just large kids. With all the cool gadgets for men available now, it can be a little tough to filter through all the chatter to get to the really cool gadgets.

You’re in luck: we’ve taken a look at a huge variety of products on Amazon and distilled all of it down to this list of the 31 coolest gadgets for men that you can find. Some of these items solve common issues that men may share and some of them are just plain fun to mess around with.

The items on our list of 31 Cool Gadgets for Men all have a similar attribute: they’re all innovative. And with innovation and creativity comes coolness. Take a look below and also check out our list of the coolest home gadgets available right now as well.

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What Makes a Cool Gadget for Men?

Technology can get in the way of our lives at times. Tech and the gadgets that result from it can be great but it's easy to see when it just doesn't work. The item ends up making things more difficult instead of less and that ain't right.

A truly cool gadget for men is something that enriches the experience without breaking a sweat. Luckily, there are more than enough gadgets out there that are not only cool but help with the things guys need help with while making it all enjoyable.

Some may feel that miniaturization makes things cool and at times, that sentiment is true. There comes a point, though, when an item is simply too small for its own good. For example, the original iPhones were almost too small to use effectively, especially by guys with larger hands.

Over time, mobile devices grew in size and variety to accommodate a large number of different people. I think everyone would agree that smartphones have only gotten cooler over time.

Each and every year, technology gets faster, providing different designs, more amenities, and a change of options that we didn't really know we had.  It's fun and exciting to see what's new and available to enhance our lives.

But here's the thing: for a gadget to be really cool means it needs to be useful. Otherwise, it will just get thrown into a drawer, waiting to be donated, sold at a garage sale, or regifted.

Speaking of gifts, when looking for a cool gadget for the man on your list, consider their interests. Do they enjoy DIY projects and handy around the house and yard?

Perhaps they enjoy the delicious amber liquid that is beer? Or maybe the guy you know just likes to play with expensive toys. Whatever their interest, the 31 Cool Gadgets for Men on our list are sure to be appreciated by whomever you give one to. 

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