Gyroor C1 Electric Scooter with Seat: A Comprehensive Review

Gyroor C1 Electric Scooter Review

In a world where electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular, the Gyroor C1 Electric Scooter with Seat & Carry Basket is able to stand out on its own. With a relatively low price of $399, this scooter offers a compelling blend of comfort, speed, and utility, and it’s like a cross between your standard electric scooter and a moped.

But let’s not just skim the surface; let’s dive deep into what makes the Gyroor C1 electric scooter a great option for adult commuters.

(A Gyroor C1 Electric Scooter was provided for an honest review).

Speed & Modes

When we talk about electric scooters, speed is often the first thing that comes to mind. While the box and website claim a max speed of 15.6mph, my own experience showed that it can actually reach up to 16.4mph – and that’s with a 250-pound man riding on it! Its powerful motor had no problems getting up to speed quickly.

The Gyroor C1 electric scooter also has three different speed modes. Whether you’re in a rush or just cruising, you can easily switch modes to fit your needs – each offering a different kind of ride experience.

Great Night Visibility

Visibility is a crucial factor, especially for those who enjoy nighttime rides like myself. The Gyroor C1 comes equipped with a headlight that’s bright enough to rival car headlights. Over the weekend, I took a night ride down to the park (admittedly, it was to catch a Tyranitar in Pokemon Go, but if you’re not as nerdy as I am, you don’t care about any of that). But, I had absolutely no issues navigating through dimly lit streets or even pitch-black areas. The bright headlight is a standout feature that ensures you’re not just visible to others, but that you can also see where you’re going clearly.

Note: If you purchased this scooter and can’t figure out how to turn the headlight on, simply double-tap the M button, and voila!

On the back of the scooter, you’ll find a tail light that also adds some visibility to your backside.

Good Range & Battery Life

The scooter is powered by a high-capacity 36V 7.5Ah lithium battery, promising a max riding range of 22 miles. Now, you might be skeptical about these numbers, but let me assure you, they’re spot-on. Even as someone who weighs around 250 pounds, I got the range that was advertised. This is a pretty big win for the Gyroor C1, as it eliminates the anxiety that plagues those who own an electric scooter of running out of battery mid-journey. It’s perfect for those who have a bit of a commute or like to go on longer rides.

You’ll find an LED battery indicator built into the battery itself, so you’re able to tell if your battery is fully charged without having to turn it on.

Build & Tires: Built to Last

The Gyroor C1 is not just about speed and range; it’s also about durability and versatility. The scooter features a powerful 450W brushless motor that can tackle slopes up to 15° with ease. The build quality is solid, designed to handle a max load of 265 lbs (although, we did test it up to 300 pounds and it works just fine, with slightly limited speed/battery life). It’s also adjustable to accommodate riders of varying heights, ranging from 4’9″ to 6′.

Now, let’s talk tires. These aren’t your average scooter tires. They’re robust and well-crafted, providing a smooth and stable ride on various terrains. Whether you’re navigating through dirt paths, rocky roads, or even grass, these tires have got you covered. It’s this kind of attention to detail that sets the Gyroor C1 apart from its competitors.

The Look

gyroor c1 electric scooter with basket

This slimline electric scooter is probably the sleekest-looking sit-down scooter I’ve seen. It has a premium look to it, with a black base and blue highlights along the wheels and in the logos scattered about. I would love to see some color options added to this other than black, but the black still looks great, albeit common.

The Cherry on Top

What I haven’t mentioned yet are the additional features that make this sit-down electric scooter even more appealing. It comes with a useful carry basket. Need to do some quick grocery shopping? No problem. Heading to a friend’s place and want to bring some snacks? The carry basket has got you covered. These features add an extra layer of convenience that’s hard to find in other electric scooters since the most popular cheap electric scooters are mostly standing scooters. While I do wish the included basket had a flat bottom instead of a grid, it’s still useful, either way.

The Not-So-Good: Room for Improvement

No product is without its flaws, and the Gyroor C1 is no exception. Our biggest gripe with the C1 is that the user guide is poorly written and some of the pictures are misleading. For example, in the user manual, you’ll see a picture that tells you where to plug the C1 in to charge, and it looks like it is pointing to the top of the scooter. But really, the plug is underneath the scooter, and you have to remove a small hole cover to see it. But don’t let this minor hiccup deter you. A little patience and some Googling can help you get through the initial setup.

Final Thoughts

The Gyroor C1 Electric Scooter is a well-rounded package that ticks almost all the boxes. It offers a comfortable, speedy, and reliable riding experience that is perfect for daily commutes. The adjustable seat and carry basket make it versatile for a variety of needs, from quick errands to daily commuting. While the user guide could definitely use an overhaul, the scooter itself is a reliable and enjoyable means of getting from point A to point B. So, if you’re on the hunt for an electric scooter that offers a blend of comfort, speed, and utility, the Gyroor C1 should be at the top of your list.

Our Review: 8.5 out of 10 stars

Note: This review is based on personal experience and observations. Individual experiences may vary.

Where to Buy the Gyroor C1 Electric Scooter

You can pick up the Gyroor C1 Electric Scooter on Amazon or directly from Gyroor.

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