10 Best Game of Thrones Gifts (Updated)

game of thrones gifts

We all may know a Game of Thrones fan who is playing the waiting game for season six and the recently announced movie, making their way through the Telltale episodic video game, or reading through the long novels in preparation for the final two books by series creator George R. R. Martin.

For followers of any fandom, nothing is better than receiving a bit of merchandise to represent their love for their favorite character or aspect of the show. And with the seemingly endless stream of merchandise that seems to be popping up everywhere, there is never a shortage of cool Game of Thrones stuff to buy.

So without further ado, here are the top 10 Best Game of Thrones gifts:

1. Risk: Game of Thrones Edition

game of thrones risk

Risk is an interesting series of board games in which players must fight over territories in order to gain more land. Players face off against each other, as they have armies behind them in order to eliminate the enemies. Risk really plays into the spirit of the Game of Thrones series, as families are fighting against each other in several battles. If Risk isn’t your style, a Monopoly game is also available for this show. These games are also great for parties or cold winter nights indoors.

Price: $57.97

Check out Game of Thrones Risk here.

2. Game of Thrones Throw Blanket

game of thrones blanket

The winter months will undeniably be cold, and many will be in need of a warm, cozy blanket to cuddle up with. Similar to the coaster designs, this Game of Thrones blanket has the four royal house symbols on it. The Amazon user reviews for this product are overwhelmingly positive, and is perfect for lounging around the house. Although it is a throw, it can be paired with a heavier blanket for those extremely cold days. The dimensions of the blanket are 46″ x 60″ and is an officially listened product.

Price: $36.95

Buy the Game of Thrones Blanket here.

3. Game of Thrones Christmas Ornament

game of thrones ornament

Holiday themed gifts are another option for those on your Christmas list, especially ornaments to decorate on the tree. This resin made Game of Thrones Christmas ornament by Kurt Adler depicts the iconic throne of swords in the series, and is great for those who celebrate Christmas or just want a mini-throne to display in their room, desk, or shelf. It’s great as a stocking stuffer, or a mini-gift to yourself before breaking out the Christmas tree box from the attic this year.

Price: $9.99

Buy the ornament here.

4.  Game of Thrones Shot Glass Set

game of thrones gifts

The holidays are also a time for parties, which usually results in drinking and merriment. This Game of Thrones shot glass set is great for those who love their shots and their fandom. Even if the person you are buying for isn’t a big drinker, many people like to collect items like this to put on their shelves, or add to their collection of fandom related items. Either way, it’s a safe choice to buy for any fan.

Price: $21.99

Buy the shot glass set here.

5. Funko Pop Figure

jon snow vinyl pop

Funko figures have erupted in popularity ever since their release, and their impact on the American nerd world is incredible. Anyone who is into collecting fan items have probably heard of these adorable chibi-style figures that have become available at a variety of retailers. Game of Thrones has quite a bit of Funko Pop figures available, including this miniature Jon Snow that’s a great, inexpensive collectors item for any fan.

Price: $9.24

Check out the Jon Snow Funko Pop Figure here.

6. Royal Dragon Goblet

game of thrones gifts

Like the shot glasses from above, drinkers of anything, whether it’s a cup of wine or water, will probably enjoy a Game of Thrones style glass. This inspired goblet has an intricate design and is great to be paired with a medieval style meal, or a delightful holiday ham. Dragons on the side of the cup make it look even more badass, and a must have for any fan.

Price: $14.46

Check out the goblet here.

7. Game of Thrones Light Set

game of thrones christmas gifts

Looking for something to decorate your room with that won’t take up more precious shelf or desk space? These Game of Thrones shield lights certainly are a great choice for anyone who wants a product that can add more light and colors to their room, while representing the major families in the Game of Thrones universe. What’s also perfect about these is that they can also double as a Christmas tree light set, to be strung around the branches of a tree as an ultimate fan holiday decoration.

Price: $17.61

Buy the Game of Thrones Light Set here.

8. Game of Thrones Lunch Box

game of thrones lunch box

No matter if it’s school, work, or anywhere besides home, a lunchbox is necessary for carrying a snack or a meal from place to place. This Game of Thrones lunch box depicts the iconic symbols from the series, as well as the logo on the front of the box. It’s also very compact and easy to carry around. Like with many of these items, if someone does not want to use it for a lunchbox, it is a great collector’s item.

Price: $14.97

Buy the lunch box here.

9. Daenerys Funko Action Figure

game of thrones stocking stuffers

Although Funko Pop! figures are very cute, they cannot be put into epic poses. For the fan that wants to recreate one of the scenes of the series, the Funko action series is the way to go. Daenerys is one of several figures available from the Game of Thrones line, and can be posed in many ways. It’s a great stocking stuffer for any figure lover.

Price: $8.68

Check out the action figure here.

10. Game of Thrones House Sigil Coaster Set

game of thrones gifts

Officially licensed by Dark Horse Comics, this Game of Thrones Coaster Set is a perfect, inexpensive gift for any fan needing to set their drinks down around the house or work. Each coaster depicts one of the four royal houses in the series, coming in a complete, packaged set. Since these products are part of an official line, it not only makes a great stocking stuffer, but a way to support the ongoing series. If you would rather represent the families of Westeros, season two coasters are also available.

Price: $8.58+

Buy the coaster set here.

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