10 Best Wonder Woman Toys for Kids 2018

wonder woman toys

There’s simply no denying that DC’s new Wonder Woman movie is a hit, and Gal Gadot has rocketed her career into stardom with this major superhero role.

Of course, with any hit superhero movie, you’ll see a major influx in that superhero’s merchandise at every toy store and online shop you visit. We just saw it happen with both a slew of new Spider-Man toys and all of the new Wonder Woman toys that have hit the market this year.

What’s great about Wonder Woman is that she really lends herself nicely to some awesome merchandise, because she has a cool costume, accessories, and a cool overall look. With that in mind, check out this list of the best Wonder Woman toys for kids:

1. DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman Shield


wonder woman toys

‌With Wonder Woman being at an all-time popularity high, it’s no surprise that the DC Super Hero Girls animated series is a hit. While it’s not exactly the most accurate depiction of Wonder Woman out there, her costume, at least, rings true to the character. That’s why this DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman Shield is so incredible. It looks great, with the Wonder Woman logo emblazoned on the front of the gold shield. The stars that you’ll find around the outer edge of the shield are a nice touch as well. This shield also shoots little discs, giving it another layer of fun.

Price: $15.51 (46 percent off MSRP)

Buy the DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman Shield here.

2. DC Comics Wonder Woman Doll w/ Horse (Mattel)

wonder woman toys

Mattel’s Wonder Woman Doll comes with a beautiful black horse, complete with its own gold armor. What’s more, this version of Wonder Woman comes with a black cape. It’s a highly collectible item, as those 12″ Mattel fashion dolls tend to be. But what’s really great about this Wonder Woman figure is that it doesn’t sacrifice on what makes the hero look strong, despite it being a ‘doll’ and not an ‘action figure’.

Price: $29.97

Buy the Wonder Woman Figure here.

3. DC Comics Multiverse Wonder Woman 12″ Figure

multiverse wonder woman figure

If you’re looking for a more bendable and action-oriented Wonder Woman action figure, check out the DC Comics Multiverse Wonder Woman 12″ Figure by Mattel. This one obviously takes a less fashion-oriented approach and, instead, presents something a bit more useful, making it one of the best Wonder Woman toys for kids on Amazon right now. It’s highly rated —a whopping 4.5 out of 5.0 stars from 25 reviewers — so you know that you’re getting a quality toy.

This 12″ deluxe figure features 10 points of articulation and comes with a highly-detailed build, including her outfit. She also comes with a sword, two hand variants, her lasso, and more. It’s highly rated —a whopping 4.5 out of 5.0 stars from 25 reviewers — so you know that you’re getting a quality toy.

Price: $27.23 (9 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Multiverse 12″ Wonder Woman Figure here. 

4. DC Super Hero Girls Gauntlets Accessory

wonder woman toys

Again, the DC Super Hero Girls animated series gets Wonder Woman’s superhero costume right. This Gauntlets Accessory pack comes with two child-size wearable Wonder Woman gauntlets that feature lights and sounds that are activated by motion. What’s more, it comes with a golden tiara complete with a bright red star to complete the look.

Price: $15.99 (20 percent off MSRP)

Buy the DC Super Hero Girls Gauntlets

5. Wonder Woman Battle-Action Sword

wonder woman replica sword

Wonder Woman’s sword doesn’t get a lot of attention in comparison to other nerd culture swords, but it’s definitely awesome. Check out the DC Comics Wonder Woman Battle-Action Sword, which features authentic details and realistic sounds. The sounds are activated by movement, so when it’s swung, the sword will play clanging and blocking sounds. It’s a great addition to any Wonder Woman dress up collection, or if your kids just want an incredibly cool replica sword to play with.

Price: $19.97

Buy the Wonder Woman Sword here.

6. Wonder Woman 12″ Action Doll

wonder woman dc super hero girls doll

This DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman 12″ Action Doll has a cool look inspired by the original Wonder Woman, and it has bendable elbows and knees so that they’re able to pose the doll just how they want to. It comes with her iconic lasso and some fierce boots.

Price: $16.11 (19 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Wonder Woman Action Doll here.

7. Barbie Wonder Woman Doll

best wonder woman toys

If you’re looking for a collectible-grade Wonder Woman doll for your kids, check out the Barbie Wonder Woman Doll. Sure, it’s slightly higher-priced than the rest on this list, but with that higher price tag comes higher quality and better design. It’s inspired by the Wonder Woman movie that just hit theaters, featuring the Amazonian warrior armed for battle and ready to go with her lasso, sword, shield, and a black cape that would make Jon Snow jealous. It’s going to be hard to not take her out of the box.

Price: $44.83

Buy the Barbie Wonder Woman Doll here.

8. Wonder Woman & Steve Trevor Action Figure 2 Pack

wonder woman steve trevor 2 pack

Let’s not forget about Steve Trevor, despite him being quite forgettable in the film. This DC Comics Wonder Woman & Steve Trevor Action Figure 2 pack will give your kids two heroes to play with. They stand at 12″, and it has more articulation than a standard Barbie. They can also stand on their own and they’re posable.

Price: $27.28 (9 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Wonder Woman & Steve Trevor 2Pk here.

9. Wonder Woman FunKo Pop

funko pop wonder woman movie

Of course, FunKo has a line of DC superhero pops, and one of which is this Wonder Woman Movie FunKo Pop. This highly stylized figure is made of PVC and features a highly detailed outfit, complete with her sword, lasso, and shield. These figures are great for both displaying and playing with.

Price: $11.57

Buy the Wonder Woman Funko Pop here.

10.  Justice League Wonder Woman’s Tutu Dress

wonder woman costume for kids

Rubie’s is a company that’s well-known for their quality costumes, and this Wonder Woman pull-over costume dress for kids is no exception. It features a Wonder Woman tiara, removable cape, belt, gauntlets, and the tunic with a blue tutu. We recommend throwing a pair of leggings on underneath, as it’ll make it a bit more comfortable for your kids. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with the shoes  shown in the picture. However, you can easily find a similar pair or a pair of red boots to complete the look for their roleplay time.

It’s available in three sizes: Toddler, Small, and Medium.

Price: $29.09

Buy the Wonder Woman Costume here.

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