101 Best Cool Toys for Girls: The Ultimate List (2019)

toys for girls

Finding awesome toys for girls can be tough, especially when a lot of them feel sort of samey, making it tough to find cool gifts that stand out from the rest.

Luckily, we’re here to help…

Toys are only as useful as your child’s imagination. Toys can be magical, enchanting, educational, or simply just plain cool.

We all have our own fond memories of the great toys from our childhoods. For example, when I was a kid, I was all about cool Batman toys and fast RC cars. Now, it’s time to help create new memories for someone else.

Below, you’ll find the top 101 best cool toys for girls, including some of the hottest toys of 2019, a few toys from 2018, and some new twists on old classic toys. These great gift ideas for girls will provide you with some cool toys that girls will love, ranging from ages 4-15 years.

Of course, many boys will love some of these toys, too, and any gender can play with any toy. But we’ve separated the two to make your shopping a little easier (you can see the top 101 best cool toys for boys via the link).

So without further ado, here are the top 101 best cool toys for girls:

1. Princess Castle Tent w/ Large Star Lights – $44.97

princess starlight tent

One of the best purchases I’ve made as a parent so far is this Princess Castle Tent for my daughter. It’s super easy to set up, and it looks great in her bedroom. But more importantly, she spends a LOT of time in it. She reads in it, she brings her stuffed animals in it, she has tea parties in it, she plays on her Kindle in it…she’s always in there on those rainy days where we can’t always take her outside.

It also comes with large star lights that add a sort of enchanting look to the tent that she’ll absolutely love!

Price: $44.97

Buy the Princess Castle Tent here.

2. Melissa & Doug Plush Unicorn – $92.35

unicorn toys

Melissa & Doug products are well-known for being top quality. These aren’t cheap, everyday toys that break easily. One of the company’s most notable creations is the Melissa & Doug Plush Unicorn, which is 32 inches high x 45 inches long x 12 inches wide. It has a sturdy wireframe that helps the unicorn stand tall, and it’s loaded with shimmering details your little girl will love. (Check out more Melissa & Doug toys here).

You can find more of the best unicorn toys on our mega list here.

Price: $92.35 (8 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Melissa & Doug Plush Unicorn here.

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3. Hatchimals Mystery – $59.97

hatchimals mystery

Collecathons, baby — kids LOVE them, and that’s why Hatchimals Mystery are on our list of the hottest toys of 2018.

Pre-order on Amazon.

4. PlasmaCar  – $53.40

The PlasmaCar is a cool ride-on that doesn’t require any batteries or pedals. It has won many awards for its innovations, and gives kids great exercise both indoors and outdoors. Basically, the PlasmaCar is set in motion by turning the steering wheel and moving it back and forth. It works like a charm, and your daughter will have blast!

Price: $53.40 (25 percent off MSRP)

Buy the PlasmaCar Blue here.

5. Fingerlings Hugs by WowWee – $29.99

fingerlings hugs

Fingerlings were so popular in 2017 that by late October they were out of stock, and remained that way through the entire Christmas shopping season. The company behind those popular toys, WowWee, returns in 2018 with yet another Fingerlings-themed thing: the Fingerlings Hugs.

Fingerlings Hugs are much larger plush toys based on the Fingerlings brand, and they’re going to be super popular this holiday season. They’re not available yet, but you can pre-order them here.

Recommended Ages: 5-10 years 

Buy the Fingerlings Hugs here.

6. FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon – $79.99

cool toys for girls

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had a slight obsession with dragons. I find myself drawn to all things fantasy-related, and if your child feels the same, the FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon is one of my favorite new cool toys for girls this year. The dragon responds to touch with over 50 sound and motion combinations.

What’s more, he comes with a water tank that will allow him to breathe a flame-colored mist and burp “flames”. When your child touches the dragon’s nose, it says funny and cute responses that will make your child laugh. This dragon, who once resided within an enchanted forest in a crystal cave, is seeking a new best friend.

Price: $79.99

Buy the FurReal Friends Torch My Blazin’ Dragon here.

7. Disney’s ‘Moana’ Adventure Collection – $30.00

moana toys

Moana is a big animated hit movie for Disney in 2016, and there are numerous Moana toys for girls and boys alike. But one of our favorites is the Moana Adventure Collection which includes figures for Moana, Maui, Pua and Hei Hei. With this collection of figures, your child can reenact many of the scenes from the recently released film. The toys are surprisingly detailed for the price point, and the fact that Pua and Hei Hei are included (despite the fact that they didn’t exactly get a ton of screen time) is a big plus in our book.

Price: $30.00 (25 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Moana Adventure Collection here.

8. SmartLab Toys Squishy Human Body – $19.01

learning toys

SmartLab Toys Squishy Human Body definitely looks pretty gross at first, but kids think it’s a cool-looking toy. It’s also a great educational tool for your kid’s curious mind, as it contains a visual human body tool and an informative and well-designed fact book about the human body and how it works. Kids are able to remove nine squishy vital organs as well as see skeletal, vascular and muscular systems. The SmartLab Toys Squishy Human Body is one of the best educational toys available to help to teach your kids the basics about the human body.

Price: $19.01 (30 percent off MSRP)

Buy the SmartLab Toys Squishy Human Body here.

9. Syma X5C 4 Quadcopter Drone with Camera – $36.11

cheap drones

RC quadcopters and drones are also seeing a huge demand this year. The Syma X5C 4 Quadcopter RC drone is the perfect drone for newcomers to the hobby. It’s easy to fly, great for beginners, and has a 2MP camera on-board. Although it looks basic, it is one of the most fun drones to fly, and she’ll have fun taking it to the park and snapping some photos with it. See more of the best drones here.

Price: $36.11

Buy the Syma X5C 4 Quadcopter Drone with Camera here.

10. Princess Sofia the First 9-Inch Doll – $16.50

sofia doll

This is clearly for the younger girls in your life, but the Princess Sofia the First 9-inch doll is one they’ll surely love. It’ll help them explore what being royal is all about. It’s based on Disney’s Sofia the First TV series on Disney, and it’s a favorite among 3-6 year olds girls.

Price: $16.50

Buy the Princess Sofia the First Doll here.

11. Minions Toys – Jumbo Talking Dave

Minions toys

Minions is one of the highest grossing animated movies of all time, and kids are calling it a favorite of the year (at least until any of the other upcoming animated movies come along to steal their little hearts). The merchandising for the film, surprisingly, isn’t impressive (at least as far as Minion toys are concerned). But, this Jumbo Talking Dave has light up eyes, says over 10 Minion sayings, and he’s super soft and huggable (just like you’d imagine a minion would really be like).

Price: $56.47

Buy the Jumbo Talking Dave Minions Toy here.

12. Graphic Skinz Design Studio – Breathe New Life Into Old Toys

toys for girls

Let’s face it — kids lose interest in their toys almost as soon as the packaging comes off. But, there’s new technology for kids from Rose Art called Graphic Skinz Design Studio which allows children to wrap decals around any small 3D object — including small toys — breathing new life into their old stuff.

It works in a vacuum chamber that allows decals to wrap around virtually any 3D object seamlessly, making it look like it just came off of the production line. It doesn’t work with just toys, but also works with keychains, mini picture frames and more. She’ll have a lot of fun decorating her old stuff.

Price: $11.50 (42 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Graphic Skinz Design Studio here

13. Boogie Board Scribble ‘n Play

toys for girls

The Boogie Board Scribble ‘n Play is one of the coolest new toys of the year. While it looks like the simple write-n-swipe toy you might have played with as a kid, this one is much more advanced. It has four unique styluses that each have a different sized tip, allowing your kids to create various designs. They’re able to write and draw in multiple colors, and they can even save and share their creations thanks to the free companion app. On the sides of each stylus, there are different textures that can be used to create art on the Scribble ‘n Play. What’s more, it erases with just the touch of a button. It’s a simple, well-built toy that your little artist will love!

Price: $29.92

Buy the Boogie Board Scribble N Play here.

14. Barbie Rainbow Cove Castle Playset – $94.00

barbie castle

The rainbow kingdom awaits your child with the new Barbie Rainbow Cove Castle Playset. This colorful castle has three floors that highlight the rainbow theme with bright backdrops and accessories. There’s also a cool sparkly cloud on top that holds a fairy doll, and it spins. It doesn’t come with any dolls, but I’m sure your child already has more than a few Barbies scattered around. The castle also has double doors that are decorated with rainbow colors, as well as a dining room that contains a tea-time setup, cupcakes included.

Price: $94.00

Buy the Barbie Rainbow Cove Castle Playset here.

15. Fire HD Kids Tablet

fire hd kids edition

The biggest problems with kids tablets is that they are easily broken and they’re sluggish. Amazon just recently announced the new round of Fire tablets, including a brand new Fire Kids edition, which runs very well and has a whopping 2-year worry-free guarantee which means Amazon will replace it for free when your kid drops it and breaks it. And, trust me, she will break it at some point. The Fire Kids Edition is a fully featured Android tablet, and it’s now $50 less than the previous edition.

Price: $99.00

Buy the Fire HD Kids Tablet here.

16. Nintendo Switch – $299.99

Nintendo Switch box

Price: $299.99

Buy the Nintendo Switch here.

17. Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards Only Kit

magic science kit

If you’re looking for some cool AND educational toys for girls, look no further than the Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards Only kit. This kit will help teach science behind “magic,” with chemicals including citric acid, baking soda, vegetable oil, polyarcrylate copolymer, red cabbage powder, color tablets and zinc sulfide. The experiments are pretty basic, but the idea is that these different experiments create cool chemical reactions that will be awe-inspiring. It’s recommended for children 6+, and requires adult supervision.

Price: $15.06 (32 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards Only Kit here.

18. Just Dance 2017

just dance 2016

The newest iteration of Just Dance is Just Dance 2017and it doesn’t require a Kinect sensor this time around. Instead, she’ll be able to use her smartphone with a smartphone app that keeps track of her dance moves and her score. The game features this year’s hottest pop hits from the likes of Jason Derulo, Lady Gaga and more. Just Dance 2017 is one of the best Christmas gifts for 12 year old girls this year.

Price: $49.96

Buy Just Dance 2017 here.

19. The Ultimate Crayon Collection (152 Crayons)

ultimate crayon collection

You know what’s better than coloring — coloring with a case of 152 crayons. The case contains 152 crayon colors, with crazy obscure colors that her friends most likely don’t have. So, you know, neener, neener.

Price: $14.57 (3 percent off MSRP)

Buy it here.

20. Spontuneous Board Game

board games

Spontuneous is a very highly rated board game that provides hilarious and interactive family fun. It’s a great gift for all music lovers, as players are tasked with singing or shouting lyrics. One player says a word, and the race is on for others to sing a song containing that word. It’s great for kids and adults.

Price: $27.99 (20 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Spontuneous Board Game here.

21. Kuroba Toys (and the Kuroba Klash Arena) – $19.99

Think of Kuroba toys as a unique spin on the Rock, Paper, Scissors formula that uses interactive toys.

They’re cute collectible toys that serve a function, and there are many to collect. You can also mix and match them. There’s also a cool arena available for them to compete with their friends in (sold separately, of course).

These little toys are colorful, and aside from being collectibles, they also serve a function (which gives them more of a benefit than many other collectibles).

Price: $19.99

Buy Kuroba Toys on Amazon.

22. Disney Cinderella Royal Ball Doll

toys for girls dolls

Disney’s Cinderella Royal Ball Doll is one of the highest rated dolls on Amazon, with 4.5 out of 5.0 stars from over 100 customers. She sparkles from head to toe with delicated, magical butterflies and foil print accents.The doll includes the famous glass slippers, and it makes a great gift for Cinderella fans.

Price: $26.99 (33 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Disney Cinderella Royal Ball Doll here.

23. RipStik “G” Grind Caster Board

Ripstik G

You’ve probably seen RipStiks around town by now, as they’re incredibly popular among kids ages 7-14. The new RipStik “G” Grind Caster Board adds a grinding bar to the middle of the board, allowing kids to grind with their RipStik. This new RipStik will surely be one of the most popular outdoor toys this upcoming holiday season.

Price: $59.87 (50 percent off MSRP)

Buy the RipStik G Grind Caster Board here.

24. Loot Crate Subscription

Loot Crate Subscription

Loot Crate also saw a significant rise in popularity this year. Basically, if the boy loves pop culture and video games, he’ll like the Loot Crate subscription box, which ships a box with toys, books, comic books and shirts worth over $40 every month. Each month is a new theme (for example, the theme above was “Play.”

Price: Starting at $11.95-$13.95/month

Buy a Loot Crate Subscription here.

25. Cool Maker Tidy Dye Station Activity Kit

tidy dye station

Recommended Ages: 8+
Price: $19.97

Buy the Cool Maker Tidy Dye Station here.

26. Echo Dot


You’ve probably seen the commercials by now, as Amazon has been advertising the Echo Dot like crazy. I have one, and it’s awesome. You can ask it questions so that it can retrieve facts for you, you can have it play music without having to whip out your smartphone to do so, and it works with so many apps. It can read stories from your Kindle Library, as well as audiobooks from Audible. Those are just a handful of its features, but with Alexa lending a helping hand, the possibilities are endless.

Price: $49.99

Buy the Echo Dot here.

27. Ty Beanie Ballz Tumbles

ty beanies

Ty Beanie Babies were a BIG deal many years ago, and kids horded them thinking they’d be worth money someday. Now, TY has returned with Ty Beanie Ballz Tumbles, which are handmade, high quality plush toys with a unique design.

Price: $11.99

Buy the Ty Beanie Ballz Tumbles here.

28. Boon Glo Nightlight with Portable Balls

boon glo night light

One of the most popular toys last year was the Boon Glo Nightlight, which has portable nightlight balls that glow. It not only provides a great ambiance to go to sleep to, but it’s always a great way to play ball at night in the dark. The colors can be changed to different colors to provide different glows.

Price: $50.35 (28 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Boon Glo Nightlight with Portable Balls here.

29. Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII 25-Key USB Keyboard & Pad Controller

akai mpc mk2

When you look at the Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII, you’ll notice how colorful it is, but still looks professional. This is the best selling computer recording midi controller system on the market today, and Akai’s quality is second to none. If you don’t know what it does, it’s basically a tool that helps create electronic music via a computer. There are tons of tutorial videos on YouTube to help them learn how to use it, but simply put, the Akai MPK Mini is a fun way for her to make great music.

Price: $99

Buy the Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII here.

30. Sphero Robotic Ball Smartphone Controlled Gaming System

sphero orbotix

The Sphero Ball is a new way to play for kids. It’s a ball controlled by a smartphone, and has its own games via an app on iOS or Android. You’re also able to change its colors to virtually any color you can imagine. There are endless possibilities for play, and will satisfy kids of all ages. See the video above to see some of the cool things this little toy can do. (There’s also a new BB-8 Sphero Ball inspired by Star Wars The Force Awakens).

Price: $145.64

Buy a Sphere Robotic Ball here.

31. OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot Kit

tinker toys

If your child loves tinker toys, the OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot Kit is a must have. This innovative new toy is solar powered — that’s right, no batteries! — and can be transformed into 14 different robots. Even if your child is a beginner they’ll be engaged with this fun kit. Your girl (or boy) will be able to build cool robots with ease. We also included this in our list of the best building toys. We LOVE it.

Price: $22.99 (40 percent off MSRP)

Buy the OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot Kit here.

32. LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack

The next hot LEGO game is going to be LEGO Dimensionswhich takes characters from some of the best LEGO universes and sees them join forces in worlds outside of their own. Think of it as Disney Infinity for LEGO. Players set their NFC-enabled LEGOS onto the base, and they’ll see their characters come to life in the game.

Buy the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack here.

33. Barbie and the Secret Door Pink Unicorn Doll

barbie toys

Barbie plus a pink unicorn? You can’t go wrong. This is inspired by the new Barbie and the Secret Door, and your child can style the unicorn’s gorgeous mane.

Price: $18.39

Buy the Barbie and the Secret Door Pink Unicorn Doll here.

34. Pool Side Height-Adjustable Portable Basketball Hoop

toys for boys

Nothing beats a great game of basketball — except a great game of basketball in the pool! The Lifetime portable basketball system has a 44-inch clear acrylic backboard and an all-weather nylon net to allow for pool-side play.

Price: $179.00

Buy the Pool Side Height-Adjustable Portable Basketball Hoop here.

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35. Star Wars Anakin to Darth Vader Color Change Lightsaber Toy – $50.02

toys for girls

Star Wars toys are perfect for any child (…and adults). This year’s hot Star Wars toy is a color changing lightsaber (there’s no plasma) that changes from Anakin’s cool blue glow to Darth Vader’s evil red with the click of a button. It also makes the iconic lightsaber power-up and power-down sounds you hear in the movies.

Price: $50.02

Buy the Color Changing Lightsaber here.

36. Fluxx 5.0 Card Game

Fluxx game

The new Fluxx 5.0 card game is a great way to spend some quality time with your daughter or niece. Games last anywhere from 5-30 minutes and is suitable for ages 8+. It’s easy to learn, and it’s a truly unique game with rules changing as you go.

Price: $13.68 (14 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Fluxx 5.0 Card Game here.

37. Compose Yourself Music Card Game

toys for boys

For another unique game, check out the Compose Yourself Music Card game. It allows players to create their own music easily using the cards and a web-enabled computer (not included, of course). Simply arrange the cards how you want, enter the codes online, and then tweak your composition as you see fit to create music.

Price: $14.99 (25 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Compose Yourself Music Card Game here.

38. Mini Squigz

Cool toys

Mini Squigz are a fun way to play that encourages fine motor dexterity, tasking kids with building whatever they can imagine. Each kit comes with 75 pieces with 5 different shapes. If you want to encourage creativity, building and tinkering, the Mini Squigz kit is a great toy for little girls. We also included the Mini Squigz in our list of the hot toys of 2015.

Price: $22.50

Buy Mini Squigz here.

39. Alex Toys Do-It-Yourself Wear Slap ‘n Switch

watches for girls

The Alex Toys Do-It-Yourself Wear Slap ‘n Switch is a highly customizable watch set that allows you to change the watch’s band and face plate, with nine different combinations available.

Price: $17.86

Buy the Alex Toys Do-It-Yourself Wear Slap n Switch Watch here.

40. Ozobot

The Ozobot is the world’s smallest programmable robot available to the public. It uses colors and basic lines and symbols to follow directions. It’s a simple, fun and engaging tool that can also be used with a tablet. Users can create their own color coded courses for their Ozobot, complete with speed changes, direction changes and more. It encourages STEM learning activities, but most importantly it keeps your kid’s creative juices flowing and encourages problem-solving.

We also included the Ozobot on many other toy and gift lists we have here at Heavy, including our list of the best toys for 7 year old girls.

Price: $49.01

Buy the Ozobot here.

41. Cubelets Six

Another great tinker toy is the Cubelets Six kit. It’s the starter kit for these cool blocks that can be configured in many different ways to create functional robots. Each individual block has its own simple computer that tells it what to do. For example, one is a flashlight, one is a sensor, one is a battery, etc. When you put them together in different combinations, they do different cool things. They snap together easily without any wires or plugs using magnets.

Price: $159.99

Buy Cubelets Six here.

42. Chrono Bomb Action Game

fun games for girls

The Chrono Bomb Game will literally keep your child busy for hours, tasking them with navigating through a laser field before it’s too late. Players will set up clamps and string to simulate a laser field, giving them the power to feel like Black Widow navigating through it.

Price: $24.99

Buy Chrono Bomb Action Game here.

43. Nintendo amiibo


Nintendo amiibo are little NFC-enabled figures that are simply tapped to the Wii U or 3DS to be used in-game in all sorts of exciting new ways. They look great and they work with just about every new Wii U and 3DS game. Amiibo are going to be THE hot toys of 2015 this Christmas.

Price: Starting at $12.99

Buy Nintendo amiibo here.

44. Air Kicks Anti-Gravity Running Shoes

cool toys

Remember moon shoes? Well, the Air Kicks Anti-Gravity Running Shoes are the same idea, but are an updated and less bulky-version. They strap to your child’s feet and use jumping jax t-spring technology. They have them for adults, too. You know, in case you wanted to join in on the fun.

Price: $169.95

Buy Air Kicks Anti-Gravity Running Shoes here.

45. Fascinations Levitron Revolution Platform w/ EZ Float Technology

cool toys

If your daughter has a lot of toys inspired by her favorite movies or games, there’s a cool new way to display them: Fascinations Levitron Revolution Platform. Basically, it uses magnets to float action figures in the air and shines a light on them. Her room will look even cooler!

Price: $62.22 (38 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Fascinations Levitron Revolution Platform here.

46. Ever After High Rosabella Beauty Doll

ever after high toys

THE highest rated doll on Amazon is the Ever After High Beauty Doll, which includes daughters and sons of the most famous fairytales, such as the daughter of Beauty and the Beast, the daughter of the White Rabbit, and more.

Price: $19.99

Buy the Ever After High Rosabella Beauty Doll here.

47. LEGO Mindstorms EV3


The LEGO Mindstorms EV3 kit allows users to create and command their own robot using truly intuitive software that allows for drag and drop programming. It has a built in ARM9 processor, WiFi USB port and internet connectivity, as well as a Micro SD card reader and back-lit buttons. It comes with over 600 pieces and is intended for ages 10+. Watch the video above for a full demo.

Price: $349.95

Buy LEGO Mindstorms EV3 here.


49. Osmo Gaming System for iPad

Another great educational and fun toy is the Osmo Gaming System for iPad. It encourages creative thinking and social interaction by taking gameplay off of the screen and putting it right in front of them with pieces they can actually touch.

Price: $78.73

Buy the Osmo Gaming System for iPad here.

50. Redcat Racing Brushless Electric Tornado EPX RC Buggy Car

toy cars

One of the best-selling RC cars is Redcat Racing’s electric tornado EPX RC buggy. It’s fast, hitting speeds of up to 30mph. The Tornado EPX is also durable and looks great. Most importantly, of course, is that it is an incredibly fun toy. And, RC cars are always hot toys come Christmas. See our list of the best RC cars for sale here. RC cars make cool toys for kids, girl or boy.

Price: $199.99 (23 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Redcat Racing Brushless Electric Tornado EPX RC Buggy Car here.

51. Furby Connect

Furby Connect

Furby toys were once THE most sought after toy for the holiday season, year after year. After a brief hiatus in popularity, the Furby company has announced that they’re back and in full force with the brand new Furby Connect. It’s an all-new connected toy experience, as the Furby interacts with the app, frequently receiving updates wirelessly that will bring new content to your home. Every time the Furby’s antenna glows, it has something new to share with your kids. From new songs to cool videos, the Furby Connect will provide your kids new ways to play and interact with it. And, do you know how to make sure your kids don’t get sick of the toys they have? Make them dynamic.

Price: $99.99

Buy the Furby Connect here.

52. The Secret Life of Pets Gidget Talking Plush

toys for girls

The Secret Life of Pets is going to be one of the biggest animated movies of 2016, and one of its most lovable characters is a little dog named Gidget. Whenever your child squeezes or tilts Gidget, she’ll talk or make a noise. Sure, there are other 12″ talking plush toys available based on the movie, but Gidget is going to be the fan favorite, and she’s going to be the one that’s wanted the most.

Price: $16.99 (15 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Secret Life of Pets Gidget Talking Plush here.

53. Baden Pugg Pop-Up Soccer Goals

soccer goals for kids

Kids love soccer, but there isn’t always a goal where they want to play. But if you want to keep your kids entertained at the family’s backyard barbecues, at the beach, or at the park, this pop up soccer goal by Baden is a great choice. It unfolds to 4W x 2.5D x 2.5H feet, but it folds down so that it’s easily transported from your home to wherever you’re taking your children. Best of all, they’re cheap enough so that you can buy two without breaking the bank.

Price: $30.62

Buy the Pugg Soccer Goals here.

54. Little Live Pets Lil’ Turtle

girls toys

If you don’t want to deal with the real mess and smell left behind by live turtles, these Little Live Pets Lil’ Turtles are a great option. Not only does the turtle swim in water in the tank and walk on the tank’s surface, but it also works in any water (like the bathtub, for example). The movement of the turtles is cute, and it’s one of our favorite new toys for girls and boys this year.

Price: $24.48

Buy Little Live Pets Lil’ Turtle Tank here.

55. Disney’s Frozen Jeep Wrangler

frozen toys

It came out two years ago, but Frozen is still one of your kid’s favorite movies. Now, Power Wheels and Disney have teamed up for the Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler, a pale blue and magenta jeep that is designed with Frozen in mind. In fact, it has Anna and Elsa right on the front hood. It hits a max of 5 mph going forward, and 2.5 mph in reverse, and it comes with a 12V battery and charger. It’s going to be the best-selling ride-on toy this holiday season.

Price: $259.99 (13 percent off MSRP)

Buy Disney’s Frozen Jeep Wrangler Power Wheels here.

56. Power Wheels Fisher-Price Barbie Volkswagen Beetle

new toys for girls
If they’re all done with Frozen, check out the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Barbie Volkswagen Beetle toy car. It’s hot pink, and features hearts and Barbie stickers scattered about. It goes 2.5 mph in both forward and reverse, making it perfect for the younger crowd.

Price: $110.98 (21 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Fisher-Price PowerWheels Barbie Volkswagen here.

57. Moodsters Mirror and Book Science Kit

moodster mirror

There’s nothing kids love more than looking into a mirror (except maybe looking into a mirror with ice cream). The Moodster Mirror and Book Science Kit not only allows them to make silly faces at themselves, but it also is an interactive teaching toy that promotes simple strategies for learning. It gives kids a basic vocabulary of feeling words.

Price: $19.99 (9 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Moodsters Mirror and Book Science Kit here.

58. Pandemic Board Game

board games for girls

The Pandemic board game is one of the most popular board games on the market right now, perfect for the teenage crowd. It’s great for 2-4 players, and each game lasts roughly an hour. In the game, four diseases have broken out in the world, and a team of specialists set out to find cures for these diseases before they wipe out mankind. Players will work together to play to their characters’ strengths and planning their strategy of eradication. Either you all win, or you all lose, and the diseases wipes out humanity’s existence.

Price: $29.95 (25 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Pandemic Board Game here.

59. Hengda Octopus Kite (13 feet tall)

toys for girls

These mega-sized kites are huge in Japan, and now they’re making their way overseas. This Henga Octopus Kite, for example, comes in at over 13 feet in length, putting all of the other kites in the sky to shame. You’d think a kite so massive would be difficult to fly, but it’s lightweight and surprisingly easy to handle even in stronger winds. It’s great for taking to the beach or the park, and it’s a great way to spend quality time with the family.

Price: $9.89

Buy the Hengda Octopus Kite here.

60. Gazillion Bubble Hurricane Machine

gazillion bubble hurricane

Sure, blowing bubbles is fun, but there’s a machine that can spit out 500 bubbles per minute: the Gazillion Bubble Hurricane Machine. It fills the air around it with bubbles, keeping kids occupied and entertained. And, if they’re into stage performances and adding effects to their shows, it’s a great addition to their karaoke time as well.

Price: $14.99

Buy the Gazillion Bubble Hurricane Machine here.

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61. MiP Deluxe Pack

toys for girls

Those who follow kids robot toys have definitely heard the name Wow Wee before. A couple of years ago, the company hit it big with the Miposaur and Robosapien X. Now, the company has an MiP Robot that’s one of the best toys for girls and boys alike on the market. It comes in three great colors, which includes white, black, and metallic pink.

The MiP Deluxe Pack comes with a rechargeable battery pack that will ensure that the robot’s wheels never stop. The MiP comes with multiple modes, including Roam, Stacking, Programming, and Dance — that’s right, he’ll dance along with your children. It also responds to hand gestures that tell it how to move around. Be careful when purchasing though, as there are many clones on the market; you’ll want to make sure you get the Wow Wee one to ensure the best quality.

Price: $123.33

Buy the MiP Deluxe Pack Robot here.

62. Pokemon Deluxe Essential Handbook

Pokemon Deluxe

With Pokemon Go absolutely exploding in popularity, it’s incredibly likely that more and more kids (and some adults — it’s okay!) are going to be getting into Pokemon. That means they’re going to want everything from new Pokemon toys to books. The best Pokemon book on the market right now is this Pokemon Deluxe Essential Handbook, which comes PACKED with facts about over 700 Pokemon. It’s a great compendium of critters, especially for new fans.

Price: $9.10 (Paperback)

Buy the Pokemon Deluxe Essential Handbook here.

63. The Secret Life of Pets Blu-Ray

The Secret Life of Pets DVD

One of the biggest animated films of the year is The Secret Life of Pets, which has taken children by storm with its witty dialogue and hilarious scenes. It’s no secret that kids love pets, too, so that’s probably helping the movie’s success skyrocket. You can pre-order the Blu-Ray and DVD now.

Price:  $19.99

Pre-order the Secret Life of Pets Blu-Ray here.

64. Shopkins Season 5 Mega Pack

best toys for girls

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably had to wonder “what are Shopkins” in your life. Well, Shopkins are super popular kids toys from Moose Toys that have a grocery store theme, coming in small playsets and small rubbery food pieces as characters. They’re popular among girls and boys ages 6-10. This Shopkins Season 5 Mega Pack comes with 20 new Shopkins to start their collection (or add to their current collection), as well as 4 Petkin backpacks and a collectors guide.

Price: $14.88

Buy the Shopkins Season 5 Mega Pack here.

65. LED Light Up Balloons (15 Pack)

good toys for girls

Every kid loves balloons, and balloons haven’t changed much over the years. Now, that’s changing, as Iloom Balloons have been introduced. These LED Light Up Balloons have a bright LED light within each balloon, meaning each balloon will illuminate in the color of the balloon, itself. They’re still inflated with air as normal, and can still be tied to a string for parties. Your kids will absolutely love them, especially with all of the lights turned off at night. At $13.99 for a 15 pack, you can’t go wrong.

Price: $13.99

Buy the LED Light Up Balloons here.

66. Funko Pop Dragon & Daenerys Figure

Game of Thrones Funko Pop

Daenerys’s popularity skyrocketed on this season’s Game of Thrones, thanks to her story being moved to the forefront of the show. For the slightly older crowd, check out this great Funko Pop Dragon and Daenerys figure. The dragon is modeled after Drogon, and it will tower over the rest of their Funko collection, as it stands at 4.5 inches tall.

Price: $34.75

Buy the Game of Thrones Dragon & Daenerys Figure here.

67. Super Jumbo Playing Cards

good toys for girls

Kids get a kick out of things that are incredibly larger than they typically are, which is why things like oversized greeting cards and oversized remotes always get a laugh. But another great oversized thing is this pack of Super Jumbo Playing Cards, which measure in at 8.25″ x 11.75″ — 8x larger than a regular deck. The cards are printed on heavy-duty card stock coated on both sides, and it comes with a 52 card-deck plus two jokers. These large playing cards will make any card game more fun, plus it might get them to have to move around a bit while they’re playing.

Price: $11.98

Buy the Super Jumbo Playing Cards here.

68. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Communicator

mighty morphin power rangers communicator

With the new Power Rangers movie coming out soon, the popularity of the colorful heroes will soon skyrocket. Whether they love the blue ranger or the pink ranger, this Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Communicator is a great accessory. It features lights and sounds from the original series, and it has interchangeable color bands so that they can “morph” into their favorite ranger (Note: no real morphing occurs. Your children are safe).

Price: $69.58

Buy the Power Rangers Legacy Communicator here.

69. Harry Potter Hermione Granger’s Wand in Ollivander’s Box

harry potter wand

Harry Potter fans were given some new stuff, too, as Harry Potter and the Cursed Child released earlier this year. If they’re truly into the wizarding world of Harry Potter and fantasy stuff, check out this Hermione Granger’s Wand in Ollivander’s Box replica. It’s an exact 1:1 scale reproduction of the one from the Harry Potter films (inspired by the books, of course), measuring 15 inches in length. It comes with a collector’s box as well.

Price: $37.50

Buy Hermione Granger’s Wand here.

70. Geode Explorer Science Kit

geodes kit

If your little girl is scientifically-inclined, and loves rocks and geology, check out this awesome Geode Explorer Science Kit. It contains seven premium geodes that contain beautiful crystals within, waiting to be discovered by your child. The entire family will love to smash open each rock, and it’s a great educational STEM toy for kids that will fuel their interest in the sciences. It’s an award-winning kit as well, and it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Price: $22.95 (23 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Geode Explorer Science Kit here.

71. DC Super Hero Girls 12″ Action Dolls

DC Super Hero girls

There’s no denying that both Marvel and DC are making a push to bring their female superheroes to the forefront of their movie universe. We saw it first with DC’s latest big blockbuster movie, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, which introduced Wonder Woman into the movie universe. Of course, there’s also Supergirl’s explosion in popularity to consider, thanks to CBS’s series. To capitalize on their big push behind their female heroes, they’ve teamed up with Mattel for DC Super Hero Girls Action Dolls, like the Wonder Woman doll or Batgirl doll. They stand at 12 inches tall, and they look great.

Price: $17.00+

Buy the DC Super Hero Girls Action Dolls here.

72. My Little Pony Guardians of Harmony Princess Celestia

My little pony toys

It’d be tough to talk about potential Christmas toys without talking about My Little Pony, and one of the best new MLP toys is this 8-inch figure of Princess Celestia. The attention to detail is stunning, and the figure would make a great addition to any fan’s collection of My Little Pony toys.

Price: $32.32

Buy the My Little Pony Guardians of Harmony Toys here.

73. The Bridge Direct Paper Plane Launcher

paper plane launcher

Kids have always been drawn to paper planes — they’re the instant toy that can be made virtually everywhere. But cooler than just building paper planes is launching them, which is why The Bridge Direct has created this Skypaper Paper Plane Launcher that not only comes with 24 do-it-yourself planes (with instructions) but also a high-velocity launcher that blasts planes up to 100 feet. Boys and girls alike from ages 8-12 will appreciate this (not to mention it’s great for office warfare).

Price: $19.99

Buy the Paper Plane Launcher here.

74. Imploding Kittens (Exploding Kittens’ First Expansion)

Imploding kittens game

Exploding Kittens exploded in popularity last year (sorry, I had to), and in October, its first expansion, properly named Imploding Kittens, will hit toy stores and online shops around the globe. The expansion kit will include 20 new cards illustrated by its creators, expanding the core deck from 5 to 6 players. What’s more, there’s a “super secret” surprise inside every box — there’s no telling what’s in there! The game is recommended for ages 7+, and it’s a card game that you’ll actually have fun playing with your children (you won’t have to feign excitement). It requires a copy of Exploding Kittens to play.

Price: $9.99

Buy the Imploding Kittens Expansion here.

75. JVOPIN Building Blocks Set

Educational Toys

All children are interested in building things with their hands, so it’s essential that they have the best building toys at their disposal to fuel their creativity. This JVOPIN building blocks set comes with 40 pieces (two different shapes and five different colors). These bright and colorful blocks are intended to develop your children’s color cognitive ability. They’ll learn and have fun simultaneously. We recommend buying two sets so that there are more pieces than they know what to do with.

Price: $19.99

Buy the JVOPIN Building Blocks Set here.

76. Giant Unicorn Inflatable Pool Float

unicorn float

Sure, there are tons of silly pool floats out there that would make your little girl happy, but this Giant Unicorn Float is one of the most joy-inducing creations available. It measures in at 108 inches x 55 inches x 47 inches, and it can hold over 400 pounds. It’s designed for two adults, but numerous kids can sit on it at once. It’s made of raft-grade material that’s soft but durable, and its cutesy unicorn design will fuel their imagination. They’ll have their own mystical beast in the pool!

Price: $59.98

Buy the Giant Unicorn Float here.

77. Playmags 100-Piece Clear Colors Magnetic Tiles Deluxe Building Set

playmags magnetic blocks

Another great building set for girls and boys alike is this Playmags Magnetic Tiles Building Set. It’s currently the best-selling magnet toy on Amazon, holding an impressive 4.7 out of 5.0 star rating from 475 customer reviews. It’s recommended for ages 3 and up, and the building set will inspire creativity and brain development with 100s of possibilities to create with just one set. It helps to teach patterning, shape recognition, and building and motor skills. This award-winning toy also creates a great opportunity for parents to play with their children, as it comes with so many pieces.

Price: $69.99

Buy the Playmags Magnetic Tiles Building Set here.

78. Superhero Capes and Masks Set

superhero costumes

Sure, buying them one superhero cape and a mask is cool, but do you know what’s better? Four! This set comes with four different costume sets: Iron Man, Batman, Superman (although, he doesn’t wear a mask so it’s not exactly accurate), and Spider-Man. It also comes with three sheets of superhero stickers and a sheet of superhero temporary tattoos. One size fits most, and your girl will love being a superhero. I’ll note that although this set is geared towards boys (with male superheroes), it’s important to note that they’re intended to be gender neutral, as the designs are loosely based on the male heroes. So, Batman doubles as Batgirl, Spider-Man as Spider-Gwen, Superman as Supergirl, and the new Iron Man is actually a female by the name of Riri Williams.

Price: $17.99

Buy the Superhero Capes and Masks Set here.

79. Emoji Universe Inflatable Beach Balls

emoji balls

Emoji-themed toys are all the rage in 2016, and these Emoji inflatable beach balls are super fun and cool. They come in a pack of 12, each of which measures 12″ in diameter. There are six different emojis, and you get two balls of each emoji. They’re great for swimming pools and the beach.

Price: $10.92

Buy the Emoji Universe Inflatable Beach Balls here.

80. Settlers of Catan 5th Edition

cool toys for girls

As far as toys for girls who are slightly older, board games are always a great way to go. And, one of the best (and my personal favorite) board games is Settlers of Catan (now simply named Catan), which pits players against each other in a game of trading and resource management. It’s a great game for them to learn, and it will provide them with a fun game to play with their group of friends. Catan is an easy game to learn, but a tough game to master, so it’s a game that will keep them interested for years to come.

Price: $39.36 (20 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Settlers of Catan 5th Edition here.

81. Xbox One S 500GB Halo Collection Bundle

cool toys for girls
There’s no better time than right now to become an Xbox fan. The company has definitely turned things around in 2016 with an impressive slate of new games. Now, the Xbox One S will turn things around for their console sales, as it feels like the console the original Xbox One should’ve been at launch. The new Xbox One S is not only prettier — with a ghost white design that’s slimmer and can stand vertically — but it also is slightly faster. What’s more, it comes with 4K capabilities and HDR uprezzing of old games, meaning Halo 5 looks better. There are a few bundles out there right now, and there’s undoubtedly going to be at least a couple more before the holiday season. Plus, the Xbox One S is more than just a game console, as it comes packed with media apps like Netflix, Plex, Hulu, SlingTV, and more. At just $299, it’s THE best console available right now.

Price: $299.00

Buy the Xbox One S here.

82. Disney Princess Royal Car

disney princess toys

The only bad thing about this Disney Princess Royal Car is that it isn’t life-size. However, it is big enough to hold up to two Disney Princess dolls. The royal car is elegantly styled with a pink and lavendar colorway, and it has a long steering wheel, in the style of old classic cars. The Royal Car is perfect for creating fairytale moments with their doll collection, and it will create an endless smile when they find it under the Christmass tree this year.

Price: $44.99

Buy the Disney Princess Royal Car here.

83. Disney Princess Carriage Ride-On

Disney Carriage ride-on

It’s tough to justify spending $400 on a single Christmas present this year, but if there’s one toy that’s worth it, it’s the Disney Princess Carriage Ride-on. This buggie is designed to look like a spacious coach only fit for a princess (and a friend). It has a heart-shaped steering wheel, and it sports a pink and purple design that those familiar with Disney princesses will love. The pink carriage has beautiful ornate details like exterior candle lights and a gold crown on the top, and it has luxurious curtains. The doors open and close elegantly, and they have gold handles. It also has two speeds, forward and reverse. The ride-on has a 45-minute runtime, and it takes 12 hours to charge. If you’ve got the budget, the Disney Princess Carriage Ride-on is an excellent choice, and it’s going to be one of the best-selling toys of the 2016 holiday season.

Price: $398

Buy the Disney Princess Carriage Ride-On here.

84. Pom Pom Wow!

pompom wow toy

We’ve seen numerous create-your-own style kits before, including make your own crayons, art covers, stickers, and more. This year, the hot new trend will be to create their own decorative pom poms. The Pom Pom Wow! by Maya Toys is a decoration station that will allow them to customize their own pom poms with different colors to decorate their things with. It comes with 75 pom poms (and you can buy more, of course).

Price: $29.97

Buy the Pom Pom Wow here.

85. Play-Doh Royal Palace Disney Princess

play doh toys

Creating things with your hands is always fun, and you can never go wrong with Play-Doh. The Play-Doh Royal Palace Disney Princess kit comes with sparkly Play-Doh that is intended for use with Disney Princesses for their dresses, but it also works well for other designs like the ocean or mermaid tails.

Price: $15.79 (21 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Play-Doh Royal Palace Disney Princess Kit here.

86. Pie Face Showdown

cool games for girls

PieFace was one of the most popular new toys last year, and this year, Hasbro Gaming is back with PieFace Showdown. First, players will load the arm with whipped cream. Then, each player will place their chin on the chin rests and at the count of three, rapidly mash the button. Suspense is built by players getting the arm to move toward their opponent, and when it gets too close, the arm will spring up, shooting the whipped cream in the opponent’s face. Creamed! Obviously, the player who doesn’t get pie-faced wins. It’s a fun game that’s recommended for ages 5 and over, and despite the mess, it’s one of the best new toys for girls in 2016.

Price: $39.85

Buy Pie Face Showdown here.

87. EC Technology Portable Charger Battery Pack

girls toys

If they frequently complain about their smartphone or tablet’s battery life, a portable charger battery pack is in order. Check out the EC Technology Portable Charger battery pack, which comes in at under $35 and is packed with features. Not only does it sport a massive 22,400mAh capacity, but there are 3 USB ports on it, meaning they can charge 3 of their devices simultaneously. It has four indicator LED lights on the top to let them know when it’s time to recharge the pack. The EC Technology portable charger also has a few cool colorways that other plain battery packs don’t, so they’re not going to mind lugging it around. If they’re frequently using their phones for games like Pokemon GO — a mega battery hog — a battery pack with a cool design is a must this year.

Price: $32.99 (53% off MSRP)

Buy the EC Technology Portable Charger Battery Pack here.

88. Razor Power Core E100 Electric Scooter

Razor scooters

Electric scooters aren’t anything new, really, but the new Razor Power Core E100 is a big improvement over the old models. It has a battery life that allows for one hour of continuous use. The E100 has a high-torque hub motor and a cool kick start feature, as well as a kickstand so that they don’t just throw it on the ground. It has a recommended age range of 8 to 11 years, and if you have more than one child, they’re both going to want one.

Price: $207.00

Buy the Razor Power Core E100 Here.

89. Disney Frozen Fever Elsa Doll

frozen fever elsa doll

Although it was just 7 minutes long and came out in the spring, your child probably remembers the Frozen Fever animated short word-for-word. This Disney Frozen Fever Elsa Doll is inspired by the short, complete with Elsa’s newly designed dress.

Price: $15.99

Buy the Disney Frozen Fever Elsa Doll here.

90. Num Noms Lipgloss Truck Craft Kit

nomnoms ice cream truck

Everyone loves ice cream trucks, but this one doesn’t make ice cream. Instead, it makes ice cream-inspired lipgloss. The Num Noms Lipgloss Truck Craft Kit comes with a lip gloss base, two different flavors (cherry and vanilla), glitter sprinkles, a cupcake making tool with a spatula, and three different lip gloss containers. It’s fun to make your own lipgloss, especially when the lipgloss looks like ice cream!

Price: $29.94 (9 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Num Noms Lipgloss Truck Craft kit here.

91. My Little Pony Explore Equestria Crystal Empire Castle

my little pony toys

My Little Pony toys are just as popular as ever, and this year’s biggest MLP toy is the My Little Pony Explore Equestria Crystal Empire Castle. It features numerous play areas inside and outside of the castle, including two staircases, a baby swing, two closets with spinning shelves, a throne, a crystal vanity, dress, jewelry, and more accessories. The castle also lights-up and reflects cutie marks when the heart in the center is pressed. Assembly is required, but it’s quickly put together with easy to follow instructions. It’s going to be one of the most popular toys for girls for the 2016 holiday season.

Price: $38.88

Buy the My Little Pony Explore Equestria Crystal Empire Castle here.

92. Little Live Pets Bird With Cage

girl toys

On last year’s hot toy list of 2016, I included the Little Live Pets Lil’ Turtle. This year’s big Little Live Pets toy is this Tweet Talking Bird with Cage. There are currently two birds available, Funky Feathers, which sports a light blue body with purple and yellow wings, and Bella Rina, a light pink bird with pink wings. Each bird can listen and talk back to your kids, making over 30 real bird noises as well as its own fun words. The toy birds respond to your touch, and they sing, chirp, and tweet away the day.

Price: $17.99 (18 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Little Live Pets Bird with Cage here.

93. Doc McStuffins Hospital Care Cart

doc mcstuffins toys

Disney’s Doc McStuffins is one of Disney Jr’s most popular television shows for toddlers, following the various adventures of a toy doctor. It’s a great concept, and one that Disney has handled very well, not only through the show’s various life lessons, but also in its merchandising. This Doc McStuffins Hospital Care Cart comes with everything they’ll need to pretend they’re also a toy doctor. It comes with an interchangeable X-raycard, a talking EKG area with an EKG roller, a blood pressure pump (kid friendly, of course), a drawer, and a patient bed. It’s beautifully designed with a bright color palette, and your daughter will be rolling around from family member to family member fixing their toys and moving onto the next patient.

Price: $64.99

Buy the Doc McStuffins Hospital Care Cart here.

94. Star Wars The Black Series Rogue One Sergeant Jyn Erso

star wars rogue one toys

This year’s new Star Wars movie, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, is going to surprise a lot of people. From the numerous trailers we’ve seen so far, it looks like it’s going to be a major success. Of course, with any new Star Wars film comes a massive wave of new action figures and toys, and our favorite pick from the new line is the Sergeant Jyn Erso figure.

It’s a classically-detailed 6-inch replica of the newest Star Wars heroine, Sergeant Jyn Erso, and it has multiple points of articulation. But best of all, it’s not just a statue, as she can bend at the knees and elbows, making her poseable. She’ll make a great addition to any Star Wars fan’s collection.

Price: $19.99

Pre-Order the Star Wars Rogue One Sergeant Jyn Erso here.

95. Nintendo 3DS XL Galaxy

new nintendo 3ds galaxy

Nintendo’s newly unveiled Nintendo 3DS XL Galaxy has set the internet abuzz, with many anxiously awaiting to get their hands on it. It doesn’t come with any new features, but it has a cool exterior design inspired by space, sporting a purple-colored galaxy style on its cover. With the newly announced slate of 3DS titles on the way, it appears as though Nintendo is still placing some stock in its handheld, despite the NX’s upcoming release in 2017.

Price: $199.99

Buy the Nintendo 3DS XL Galaxy here.

96. Marvel Legends Series Mystic Rivals: Enchantress

action figures for girls
Marvel isn’t known to cater to its female readers when it comes to merchandising. But now that they’re starting to add more to their lineup, we’re getting great figures like their new line of Legends Mystic Rivals, which includes this Enchantress action figure. It’s inspired by her design in the comics, and it comes with a couple accessories that fans will love, including a Dormammu torso (which sounds strange out of context, but once you collect all of the other figures you’ll have a full Dormammu figure as well). It stands at 6 inches tall, and it will look great amongst her fellow superheroes in any collection.

Price: $19.99

Buy the Marvel Legends Enchantress figure here.

97. LEGO Friends Advent Calendar Building Kit

lego toys for girls

Sure, you could go buy them a typical advent calendar filled with low-quality chocolate, but the new LEGO Friends Advent Calendar Building Kit is a great alternative that will keep them engaged. Like all advent calendars, it features 24 gifts, each enclosed in its own compartment in a LEGO holiday-themed calendar. Each day, they’ll open the respective compartment that contains buildable gifts. Inside each compartment lies smaller items like musical instruments, DJ Decks, a hamster, fireplace, snowman, ice skates, and more, and the kit includes two figures, Emma and Naomi.

Price: $29.99

Buy the LEGO Friends Advent Calendar Building Kit here.

98. Speak Out Game

board games

Speak Out is a brand new family board game that tasks players with saying phrases with a mouthpiece in their mouths, making every word sound absolutely ridiculous (and hilarious). It comes with five mouthpieces and 200 double-sided cards featuring tons of phrases, as well as a timer and instructions. It’s a game that’s quick to learn, easy to play, and most importantly, incredibly fun.

Price: $45.82

Buy the Speak Out Game here.

99. Disney Princess Elena of Avalor & Princess Isabel Dolls

Princess Elena toys

Disney’s newest princess to get her own show is Princess Elena of Avalor, and the new show is a spin-off of Sofia the First, one of Disney Jr’s most popular shows. The story follows a teenage princess named Elena Castillo Flores who saved her magical kingdom of Avalor from an evil sorceress and now rules as the kingdom’s princess. These two dolls are sold separately. Each sports their own gowns and outfits inspired by the show.

Price: $18.74 (25 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Disney Princess Elena of Avalor Dolls here.

100. Globe Tracer Classic Cruiser Complete Skateboard, Moana


If you know a young one going for an old school cool aura, check out the Globe Tracer Classic Cruiser Complete Skateboard. It’s a 7-ply maple deck with burned logos on its face, and it has a mellow concave with a kick tail. It’s a smooth riding board, and it comes in at 31.25″ in length. Its orange, pink, and teal colorway looks great, and when she’s out cruising with her friends, she’ll feel stylish and cool.

Price: $119.55

Buy the Globe Tracer Classic Cruiser Complete Skateboard here.

101. Funko Pop Figures

Funko Pop figures

You’re probably seeing these toys everywhere this year, as their popularity has exploded. Literally, they’re everywhere. Look left, there’s a Funko Pop, look right, there’s another Funko Pop thing. These toys are cutesy-editions of some of the biggest names in pop culture, including Daenerys from Game of Thrones, Wonder Woman, Batman, Elsa from Frozen, and so much more.

There is a seemingly endless flow of new Funko Pop toys, and they start at around $7, with the majority of the newer figures being in the $11-$13 range. Funko Pop has literally hundreds of cool toys for girls, and chances are they have action figures from her favorite TV show, video game or movie. There are even new Ant-Man toys from Funko Pop. See more of the best Batman toys here.

Price: Starting at $6.69

Buy Funko Pop Figures here.

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