Scruff a Luvs: Where to Buy These Cute New Toys (Updated!)

scruff a luvs

Looking for those brand new Scruff a Luvs toys by Little Live Pets that you’re seeing tons of commercials for? Wondering where the best place to buy them is? We’ve got you covered here at

Little Live, the company that gave us Little Live Pets a couple years ago, now has a new toy line called Scruff a Luvs that are growing exponentially in popularity.

In fact, they’re quickly becoming one of the hottest toys of 2018 and they’re becoming harder to find in-stores, with big box retailers (and even online toy shops) having trouble keeping them in stock.

So, what are these Scruff a Luv toys, exactly? Simple. They’re very similar to the new Rescue Runts, where they first appear abandoned and unloved until your kids play groomer and fix them up by bathing, drying, brushing their teeth and fur.

Once all that has been done, they look super cute, and your kids will be proud that they were able to revive their little pet’s look.

It’s a super cool idea, and it appears to be catching on, as they’re already getting hard to find in-stores.

So, where can you buy Scruff a Luv toys and who still has them in stock?

Amazon – $19.99

With Toys R’ Us now being gone forever, your first stop for great toy deals should be Amazon, as they not only have the biggest stock of toys but they also allow you to pre-order many toys before they’re actually released.

Luckily, the new Scruff a Luv toys are already in the wild, and you can find them right on for $19.99. There are only a couple of different skus available right now, a blue one and a pink one, but we’ll see more soon.

As of writing this post, they’re still in stock, as well. So, ordering is super easy.

They’re all also available with 2-day Prime shipping, so if you have an Amazon Prime account, you’re golden.

Buy them on Amazon here.

Target (in-store and online) – $19.99

Little Live Pets Scruff a Luvs are now available at Target as well. And, as of writing this, they’re still in stock.

If you’re a frequent Target shopper (and, really, who isn’t?!), you might want to swing by their toy section to see if you can find them in-store.

Personally, I’ve always had a hard time navigating through Target’s toy section. But, maybe your local Target toy associates take better care of their department than mine.

Check if they’re in-stock at

Walmart- $19.72 (but OOS)

scruff a luvs out of stock

Yes, good ‘ole reliable Walmart is also carrying these Little Live Scruff-A-Luv toys at a mere quarter cheaper, with a price tag of $19.72 for now.

However, we’re already seeing them out of stock. We’ll keep an eye on their listings to see if they come back any time soon, and we’ll update this post accordingly.

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