10 Awesome Winter Outdoor Toys: The Ultimate List (2019)

As the cooler weather approaches, it’s time to take a good look at your stock of outdoor winter toys for your kids. Are your kids prepared for the undoubtedly snowy winter season ahead?

Having fun in the snow is a must if you live in an area that gets hit by snowstorms frequently, and we’re honestly a bit surprised that there aren’t a ton more snow-ready toys out there. Still, there ARE plenty of ways to have fun in the outdoor winter weather. Chances are that the toys you have in your garage right now could use a refresh for 2019.

Here are the top 10 best winter outdoor toys:

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  • Tube in a Box Snow Tube

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    Sure, it might lack bells and whistles, but the Tube in a Box is still one of if not THE best outdoor winter toy your kids can own. Why? First of all, it’s super cheap, coming in at just $20. Secondly, it’s virtually indestructible, as it uses commercial grade rubber (it’s not plastic or latex).

    It’s UV protected and tear resistant as well, so it’s going to last your kids for years.

    The 36-inch tube is perfect to use to cruise down a snowy hill. They’re also able to decorate it with plastic paint if you pick some of that up as well. What’s more, it can be used year-round, as it also floats on lakes and rivers for fun in the sun.

  • The Original Sledsterz Spoon Sled

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    The Sledsterz Spoon Sled by Geospace is a snow sled that’s shaped like a large double spoon, and it’s designed strictly for incredible speed. Leaning your body to the right or left will move your sled in that direction, and you can brake by dragging your feet to slow down as needed.

    It’s made of ultra tough polyproplyene, so it’s also going to last for years to come. It’s available in light blue, green, or red.

    Recommended for ages 3 and up, but we wouldn’t recommend it for anyone over 7 years old.

  • RAILZ Snow Kick Scooter

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    One of Amazon’s hottest selling outdoor winter toys is the RAILZ Youth Snow Kick Scooter, which basically works like a Razor scooter but for the snow (think Razor meets snowboard).

    It uses RAILZ’s own patented skis and a sure-stop snow brake so that they can slow down when they start going too fast down a hill. Because of its unique design, they’re able to turn it by using the steering bars, meaning they don’t have to worry about which way they’re leaning like they would on a snowboard.

    Like Razor scooters, the RAILZ snow scooter folds up quickly for easy storage that requires minimal space. It comes in black and red or black, red, and silver.

    It’s recommended for ages 5 and up, and has a weight limit of 200 pounds.

  • Supra Hero Snowboard w/ Step-in Bindings

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    Want a cheaper alternative to buying an expensive snowboard, bindings, and boots? Buy the Supra Hero Snowboard that comes with step-in bindings and a design-your-own graphic board. It comes with the markers and stickers required to design the board so that your kids can create something that’s truly unique to them.

    The board, itself, has a solid, quality construction, and the bindings are adjustable. It can accommodate children ages 5 to 15.

    The Supra Hero Snowboard is a great beginner’s snowboard, which is why it’s one of the best outdoor winter toys in 2017.

    I’ll also note that there’s a version that’s $10 cheaper that comes with a pre-made design, but we think the design-your-own board is the better buy.

  • ESP Snow Warrior Snowball Shield and Snowball Maker

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    When it comes to snowball fights, a snowball maker is essential. But what about some defense? Remember, defense wins games, and you can’t call yourself the victor if you’re getting bombarded with snowballs left and right. Pick up the Emsco Snow Warrior Snowball Shield for $22.99, and the Snowball maker for $6.95 — you’ll have everything you need to kick butt on the battlefield.

    The shield has a cool-looking tie dyed design with a dragon on the front of it, and it uses an adjustable strap so that it fits snuggly around the wearer’s arm.

  • Ideal Sno Toys Sno-Buddy Penguin

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    Want some penguins to surround your igloo? Check out the Ideal Sno Toys Sno-Buddy Penguin, which gives you instant penguins (just add snow). They stand 11-inches tall and are about 7 inches wide, and to build them, you simply fill the mold with snow, close the mold, and then open it again.

    One things my kids love to do with these is make an army of penguins at the bottom of our hill and play bowling with them (whoever knocks out the most penguins wins). It’s a LOT of fun, and it keeps them busy for hours because they have to build, knockdown, and build them again.

  • Wham-O Arctic Force Snowball Slingshot

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    You admittedly have to have the right snow for the Wham-O Arctic Force Slingshot to be effective at all, but when it works, it’s super cool.

    In fact, it can hold up to three snowballs at once, and it uses the same pullback and fire mechanism that classic slingshots do, but the holder is big enough and soft enough so that it’s great for use with snowballs.

    It has a cool black and green colorway, and it’s recommended for ages 8 and up. Best of all? Just $10.

  • Ideal Snow Castle Kit

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    Building igloos and snow castles becomes infinitely easier when you’re using the proper tools instead of trying to sculpt things by hand. Check out the Paricon Snow Castle Kit that comes with 3 different snow shapers, including a round block, a 20″ rectangle, and a 10″ rectangle. WIth these outdoor winter toys your kids will be able to build igloos, castles, snow houses, and more!

    They’re recommended for ages 3 and up, and honestly, I use it every year to build my kids big igloos to play in. Plus, they also work well with sand in the summer.

  • Ideals Sno Art Spray N’ Stencils

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    Nothing beats freshly fallen snow, as it serves as a blank canvas as well. While there are many ways to make your own snow art spray, the Ideal Sno Toys Sno Art Spray N’ Stencil is the most popular snow spray art kit on the market.

    It comes with 3 sprayers and 6 color packets (2 red, 2 blue, and 2 green), as well as 4 stencils to use in the snow, including snowflakes, a penguin, a bear, and footprints. It’s the quickest and easiest way to get started with making snow art, and it’ll keep your kids busy for hours after every snow storm.