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15 Best Bikes for Girls: Your Ultimate List

Really now, is there a more classic gift for kids than a bike? Whether it’s from mom, dad, Santa or aunt Gladys, the kid who gets a bike is going to be on top of the world.

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We also narrowed it down to bikes that ship free with Amazon Prime membership or offer free shipping. If you’re not a Prime member, sign up for a free trial.

As for the bikes, most of them require some assembly. Note that Amazon does offer to provide professional assembly for a little extra for many of the models below.

Price: $ – $
15 Listed Items

Don't Forget the Helmet

Of course, it's crucial that any rider wears the proper safety gear, and that starts with a bike helmet. There are a wide array of helmets available, so take a look at all the bike helmet offerings on Amazon.

Bikes for Girls: What’s the Right Size?

Bikes sizes are, generally, grouped by age. More specifically, when you're talking about the size of a bike for kids, you’re talking about the wheel size. When it comes to getting the correct size for a girl’s road bike or a girl’s mountain bike, the gender thing really isn’t an issue. Whatever the gender of the human, this is a good sizing guideline to follow (thanks SchwinnBikes).

Age: 1-4
Height: 28”-38”
Wheel size: 12”

Age: 3-7
Height: 38”-48”
Wheel size: 16”

Age: 5-9
Height: 42”-52”
Wheel size: 18”

Age: 7-13
Height: 48”-60”
Wheel size: 20”

Age: 10-15
Height: 56”-66”
Wheel size: 24”

Now that you've got the size matter settled, it's time to get that new ride! We're sure you'll find something that works perfectly in our list of the 15 Best Bikes for Girls.

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