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21 Best Hot Wheels Sets Your Kids Will Love

If you’re after a gift kids are sure to love, you can’t ever go wrong with Hot Wheels toys. That’s why we’ve searched the Internet to find the very best Hot Wheels sets available. From simple tracks to elaborate loops we’ve got something for just about everyone.

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Hot Wheels are affordable, exciting, and above all else, fun! 

As is the case here at Heavy, our gift guides don't just end with our expert reviews. If you're looking for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions online, read on for all the info you need. 

Hot Wheels Track Builder System

What on earth is the Hot Wheels track builder system?

While Hot Wheels track builder system is a specific set, it's also used as a catch-all term used to describe Hot Wheels sets with interconnecting pieces. Helpful, I know!

The Hot Wheels Track Builder system is at the top of this list, but be sure to make sure it's the set that your child wants and not one of the other sets which contains connecting pieces. 

I've heard tales of a few parents who ended up with the wrong thing so if you're ever unsure, double-check with your child beforehand. They'll be able to set your straight. 

Hot Wheels Track Instructions

Don't worry, we've all been there. Even if you try your hardest to keep those Hot Wheels track instructions in one piece, there's around a 100 percent chance kids will demolish them. 

Thankfully, you're in luck. If you head on over to the Mattel website, they've got all the Hot Wheels instructions you could need as well as other Mattel products you may or may not own. 

That said, part of the charm of Hot Wheels is making your own sets, so even if they do lose the instructions (or rip them up), there's a high chance you won't actually need them. 

Best Hot Wheels Games

If it's video games you're after, I'm afraid it's going to get a little complicated. 

Back in the old days, you could head to your local video game store and pick up a Hot Wheels game without much hassle. 

However, the last Hot Wheels game released for home consoles was 2013's Hot Wheels World's Best Driver for Xbox 360. 

But, that was for home consoles. If you've got a mobile device, just head on over to your device's app store and search for Hot Wheels

Although the mobile games aren't going to be as advanced as the home console versions, they're still well worth checking out. 

All that said, there are loads of other great racing games on Xbox and PlayStation 4 that may also scratch that Hot Wheels itch.

Track Mania Turbo is the most like Hot Wheels out there, but if you're after something with jaw-dropping visuals (and Hot Wheels add-on downloadable content) there's always the incredible Forza Horizon 3

That Forza link leads to a purchasable code for the downloadable version, by the way, mostly because I'm impatient and prefer to download games rather than sit around waiting for the post to turn up.

Best Hot Wheels Race Track

I am a huge fan of the Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister Set (the third item on this guide). 

The most enjoyable Hot Wheels sets are always the ones with the biggest crash potential. There's something hugely satisfying about sending cars speeding down ramps and either smashing into one another or watching as the cars narrowly miss. Maybe it's a boy thing?

Whatever the reason, this track has three loop-de-loops, so you can only imagine how much speed each car will pick up. Factor in the intersection and the crash potential in this set is super high. 

The question, or game, is how many cars can you race at once before they all start colliding? 

It's one of the pricier sets, although it's still cheaper than a lot of Hot Wheels sets, but that's because of the sheer scale of this monster. It's massive!

If you're after the best Hot Wheels race track, I'd recommend definitely considering this one. 

Redline Hot Wheels for Sale

Okay. First, let's get into what a Redline Hot Wheels is, shall we?

"Redline" is the term given to Hot Wheels cars that were made in the first 10 years of the company. The reason being, the wheels have a red line on them, something the company later removed, making the redline cars some of the most sought after Hot Wheels ever. 

I should note here, the red line on the wheel isn't actually a line, it's a circle, but for whatever reason, it's become known as a line. It's the past, don't question it too much. The 70s were weird. 

So, can you still buy them? Yes and no.

For the original redline Hot Wheels, you're going to need to go to a collectors site or risk eBay (the latter of which I'd very much steer clear of unless there's proof it's legit as it'd be very easy to fake). 

If you are looking for redline cars purely for showing off or adding to a collection, however, there's a pack from 2018 which is a rerelease of all the old cars. That pack won't hold the same monetary value as the originals, but it's still a really cool addition to any Hot Wheels collection. 

And, yes, they do come with the red lines (CIRCLES!). 

Best Hot Wheels Carry Case

This all depends on what you're after and how much you're willing to spend. 

This Toy Truck Carrier isn't an official Hot Wheels playset but it does take Hot Wheels cars.

This gigantic truck can hold 28 Hot Wheels cars, so if you're after a stylish and fun way to keep your Hot Wheels in one place, this is the one to go with. 

Next up we have the Official Hot Wheels Storage Case with Easy-grip Handle

The above is essentially a big ol' wheel with an easy to hold handle. Click it open and there's space for 30 cars. If your child is going to be taking their cars out and about, this is a great way to make sure they don't lose any. 

And for the serious collectors, we have this Hot Wheels display case.

This isn't the most exciting design for younger kids as it is pretty much just a standard display case. That said, for older kids with a massive collection, this 50-car display case is a great way to show off their collection without it looking childish. 

It's for grumpy teenagers, essentially. 

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