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21 Best Children’s Easels for At Home Learning

Whether you’re planning to participate in at-home learning this fall or simply need a space for your children to create, learn, and explore, adding a children’s easel to your home is a wise idea. Most easels include a whiteboard, blackboard, and an option for paper as well. Check out the various storage options and designs to choose the one that makes the most sense for your family. If you like a children’s easel that’s lacking in storage, a simple kid’s bookshelf is an easy solution.

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Why Should Yoy Buy a Children's Easel?

A children's easel is a must-have, especially if you plan on part or full time at home learning this fall. It creates a space with a similar vibe to a classroom, allowing your child to focus on the task at hand and engage in the lesson. Working at a countertop or kitchen table is not a great option if you're looking to create a setup that is similar to the classroom. With a chalkboard surface, whiteboard, and magnetic surface, most kid's easels have endless options for how they can be used. 

Easel for Toddlers vs. Elementary Age Kids

Since most easels are height adjustable, they can be used for toddlers as young as two or three and work well until they're in elementary school by simply raising the height as they grow. This makes a children's easel a nice investment since they won't outgrow it quickly. 

What Should You Purchase With Your Easel 

Depending on the flooring in your playspace, an easy to clean splat mat is ideal for keeping the area around the easel clean, especially during art projects. If you don't already have art supplies or magnetic letters, you might want to consider investing in some, depending on your children's ages. 

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