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11 Best Gifts for Kids Who Like to Draw in 2022

Finding gifts for kids who like to draw isn’t easy when you don’t know what to look for. Thankfully, we’re here with our expert knowledge to guide you through what their next gift needs to look like. We found gifts from easy drawing tablet solutions to items you may not have thought of, and everything in between. This guide really does have something for everyone.

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What Is the Best Drawing App for Tablets? 

I will never stop harping on about how great Procreate is on iOS. The biggest compliment I have is it's the program I use for all my art needs. 

It has a monster amount of different brushes (with more available to download from the Internet), it works in layers which makes drawing easier if you're prone to making tiny errors, features a video playback option of your creation from start to finish, can import images, and - well, to be honest, if we'll be here all day if I list what it can do. 

The short version: Procreate is everything you need and it only costs $10. 

The only downside is it's only available on iOS, meaning you'll need an Apple device to access it. Personally, I run with the Apple iPad 10 (listed above) and while it's not the most powerful Apple device on the market, it does everything I need it to, so why bother spending huge sums of money when this one does the job?

What Are the Best Free Drawing Apps on PC?

If you're on a Windows PC you've got a lot of different options. Adobe's Photoshop is without question the best app available, but it's also the most expensive, which isn't ideal for kids or newcomers. 

If you're after a free alternative, check out Gimp or Paint.net

Both of the above are basic but they'll allow kids to be able to draw in a digital space in a way that isn't going to cost a bomb. 

Both apps house similar features, but personally I find Paint.net the better out of the two, simply because it's closer to Photoshop than Gimp is. As they progress in skill or if they plan to get a job creating art, they'll need to know how to use Photoshop, and as Paint.net is kind of like Photoshop-lite, that's going to be the easier program to switch from later down the line.