Lego Star Wars Sith TIE Fighter: Where to Buy Now

Lego Star Wars Sith TIE Fighter

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Lego is always at the top of many a child’s wish-list. And with Star Wars being bigger than ever, there’s never been a better time to pick up the exceptional Lego Star Wars Sith TIE Fighter.

Normally you can gauge the size of the Lego kit by how many pieces it has. Yeah. No. This is a 470-piece set that doesn’t give you a clear idea of just how detailed and massive this beast is. Sure, the pod is smaller, but when wings are built and connected, let’s just say it’s good this set comes with a stand.

It’s the level of detail in this set that makes it so freaking cool. The wings aren’t just flat slabs sloppily hooked onto the sides. They’re made up of multiple layers, with a brick-break in between another outer layer. As I say, they look so stylish when they’re finished. And they shoot missiles, because why the heck not?

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What I love about the pod, or cockpit, is how it easily opens up – the top lifts up and the screen opens forwards. There’s plenty of space to get your fingers in there to position the mini-figure without needing to worry about being careful and knocking pieces off.

One of the biggest problems with playing with Lego is that it can fall apart if you’re a little overzealous, so it’s great to see the Lego Star Wars Sith TIE Fighter taking that into account in the smaller sections.

What Mini-Figures Come With the Lego Sith TIE Fighter?

Lego Star Wars Sith TIE Fighter Mini-figures

You get three mini-figures in this set, namely a TIE Pilot, a Knight of Ren, and Finn in civilian clothes.

The TIE Pilot is, of course, the most important figure in this set. Kids will want the official figure to pilot it with, but they’ll also want someone to wrestle it out of their control, which is where Finn comes in.

The Knight of Ren figure isn’t really needed, but I’m a big fan of getting more rather than less, so any extra figure is a win in my book.

How Hard Is It to Build?

‘Hard’ isn’t the right word here. It’s not a hard set, but it can be tricky. Getting the wings attached may take a few attempts to get right. They’re tricky, but not hard.

As for the building the wings and the cockpit, I wouldn’t say they’re tricky or hard. It’s more a case of following the instructions and building the sections piece-by-piece until it’s finished. I wouldn’t imagine many kids would have too many problems building those areas.

In terms of an age recommendation, Lego says this set is geared towards ages nine years and up, which I’m inclined to agree with. I’d also argue this is a great set for Lego newcomers due to the straightforward nature of (most of) the build.

One Quick Note: Double-Check Shipping Dates

If you need this gift in a hurry (don’t sweat it, happens to all of us), be sure to take a look at the right side of the Amazon page. There you’ll see not only the price, but also when it can reach you by.

And once you’ve done that, do it again just to be safe. Believe me, no one wants to order something only to find out it won’t be there in time.

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