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12 Best Wonder Woman Toys: The Ultimate List

Looking for some great Wonder Woman toys? We’ve got you covered with the list below containing 12 of the best Wonder Woman toys available in 2022.

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There's simply no denying that DC's new Wonder Woman movie is a hit, and Gal Gadot has rocketed her career into stardom with this major superhero role.

Of course, with any hit superhero movie, you'll see a major influx in that superhero's merchandise at every toy store and online shop you visit. We just saw it happen with both a slew of new Spider-Man toys and all of the new Wonder Woman toys that have hit the market this year.

What's great about Wonder Woman is that she really lends herself nicely to some awesome merchandise, because she has a cool costume, accessories, and a cool overall look. With that in mind, check out this list of the best Wonder Woman toys for kids (above).

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