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Top 13 Best Carryons for Air Travel: Compare, Buy & Save

Choosing a carry-on is as simple as knowing the exact dimensions you can fly with (find any airline on this list) and finding a suitable bag you like. Unfortunately, the sizes aren’t standard across all carriers. The general rule is that domestic carriers are a bit more lenient while international carriers can be very strict. Still, it’s always best to err on the side of caution. There are some amazing bags at equally amazing prices, check them out here before you buy, and be prepared for your next trip.


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What Should You Look for in Your Next Carry-on?

Carry-on luggage is something you don't typically think about until days before boarding the plane. Unfortunately for most, it is too late to invest in something before the plane takes off. That's why we put together this awesome list that will make your traveling experience that much easier.

The function is obviously at the top of the list. Don't discount looks on a bag even if you are only using it a couple of times a year. This leather bag is not only awesome to look at but it is unique enough for you to rock without seeing other folks carrying the same thing. 

Victoria's Secret is one of the most popular brands on the planet. The brand makes a product that lasts and is fashionable. They didn't cut any corners when they built this cute backpack. IT is the perfect bag to toss some things in and hit the road with your girlfriends. You are going to love it. '

Samsonite is the biggest name in bags in the world. They have been designing and building cutting-edge bags, luggage, and briefcases for decades. This bag is simply gorgeous. IT will hold all of your stuff, fit in any overhead compartment, and is lightweight enough not to weigh you down.