10 Best Travel Accessories for Men: The Ultimate Guide

travel accessories for men

Hydro Flask

Frequent travelers know how important a few good products can be. Leaky travel bottles can be cause for constant annoyance on the road, while conversely a nice pair of headphones can bring endless peace inflight.

There are a few travel accessories for men that can provide a happier,  hassle-free experience, whether traveling for business or pleasure. From having perfectly pressed shirts in no time to a luxurious night of sleep thanks to a silk mask, these ten products will take your travel to a better level. Some, like a good toiletry bag, are necessities. Others, like an inflatable travel pillow, are less necessary but still enhance any trip.

Here are our favorite travel accessories for men, in no particular order:


1. Tumi Alpha 2 Split Travel Kit

travel toiletry holder for men


This travel bag opens up to lie flat, revealing two zippered sides with clear plastic coverings, so you (and TSA) can see what’s inside without opening it all the way up or rummaging through it. Plastic inside and ballistic nylon outside make it easy to clean in the case of spills (though to avoid those see number two on this list), and help it last through frequent travel.

At 5.5 X 8.5 X 3.5 inches, It’s not the biggest travel bag out there. This can be a positive if you’re looking for something small to fit in a carry-on, or a negative if you tend to pack a lot of toiletries.  One side has a large zippered pocket, while the other has two smaller pockets. There’s also an open pocket on the outside.

One user called it “the perfect bag for travel, well made, clear compartments fits what you need to take on short trips.”

Every traveler needs a toiletry case, and in basic black this one is a stylish, long-lasting option that fits necessities for short trips and potentially long ones too, depending on your packing style.

Price: $95

Buy the Tumi Alpha 2 Split Travel Kit here.

2. LiquiSnugs Travel Bottles

no leak travel bottle


Unzipping your toiletry bag only to find your shampoo or toothpaste has leaked all over your belongings is one of the most annoying things that can happen after a long day of travel. Luckily, these no leak bottles from LiquiSnug ensure that never happens again.

The BPA-free silicone bottles come in both two and three ounces, so you can mix and match to fit whichever products you use more or less of, while not having to worry about TSA. Most importantly though, they’re guaranteed leak proof. Fill these bottles with gels or lotions and try shaking them around. You’ll see that not even a drop leaks, and if it does the company guarantees a full refund.

Users love the bottles for travel and the gym, with the only complaint being that they can be difficult to clean. They also come with adjustable labels, so you can tell your products apart even if they’re all the same color. Use the included suction pads to stick them to the side of less than clean showers while traveling.

Price: $14.95 for a pack of three

Buy the LiquiSnugs Travel Bottles here.

3. Royce Leather RFID Blocking Passport Wallet in Saffiano Leather

leather rfid blocking wallet


This slim saffiano leather wallet has space for a passport and four cards, plus a slot for cash. It comes in black or red and has a classic look.

While it appears basic, it’s RFID-blocking technology is what makes it stand out from other simple passport wallets. It’s featured on the US Government FIPS 201 approved products list for its RFID-blocking capabilities, which help protect users from identity theft.

Remarkably, it has only four and five stars on Amazon (with more than 80 percent five-star), and users have been extremely impressed with its effectiveness, look, and feel. The main downside is the lack of a coin pouch, and that it is too small to fit boarding passes without having to fold them.

Price: $35.15

Buy the Royce Leather RFID Blocking Passport Wallet here.

4. Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

noise cancelling headphones


These headphones are a splurge, but they’ve been consistently rated among the best by CNET and other reputable publications. They’re lightweight, adjustable, effectively cancel noise, and have a long battery life of 20 hours of play time.

Often headphones work well for listening to audio, but not for speaking on the phone. Bose says it’s solved this problem by using a noise-rejecting dual microphone that kicks in during phone calls, making them clearer.

The headphones also pair with NFC and Bluetooth so you can talk or listen from different devices without having to deal with a cord. Some users have had issues connecting devices, but they seem to be solved after a bit of trouble shooting, and Bose has reliable customer support.

One reviewer said the headphones are “incredibly lightweight and comfortable. Completely surrounds your ear instead of sitting on top of your ears.” Over the ear headphones could be a problem for people who like to lean on windows or use certain types of pillows during flights, and for those travelers Bose does offer an earbud option.

Price: $349

Buy the Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones here.

5. Anker PowerCore Portable Charger

best portable charger


This small black box is life changing for frequent travelers, especially those who use their phone often for photos or work and find themselves recharging at the airport or in coffee shops. I didn’t realize this was a travel item I needed until my brother gave me one for Christmas, and now every time I use it (which is often) I’m thankful I don’t have to search around for open outlets.

Though it’s about the size of a deck of cards and weighs only 6.35 ounces, it can charge an iPhone three and a half times, and a Samsung Galaxy S8 two and a half times. It also charges quickly, which is nice on the go.

The charger comes with a micro USB cable, a travel pouch, and an 18-month warranty. There’s a lightning cable option sold separately. Anker is known as one of the most reliable portable charging brands, topping lists from TechRadar, Digital Trends, and more.

Price: $29.99

Buy the Anker PowerCore Portable Charger here.

6. Lewis N. Clark Adjustable Neck Pillow

inflatable neck pillow


We chose this neck pillow for its classic design, comfort, and ease of packing. While other travel pillows might be more plush, they’re also more of a hassle to carry around. This pillow inflates in two breaths and folds flat when not in use, making it easy to tuck into a backpack or carry-on.

The plastic is covered by a soft jersey material, and though it’s simple the pillow is more comfortable than it looks. That said, it’s best for short naps and no substitute for a good night’s sleep.

Amazon users were impressed with how well it held air, and said for the price it was comfortable and useful on short flights. For someone who travels often domestically and needs a quick rest now and then, it’s a great option.

Price: $12.32 (18 percent off $14.99)

Buy the Lewis N. Clark Adjustable Neck Pillow here.

7.  Bizond Mini Steamer for Clothes

mini travel clothes steamer


Travel steamers are one of the best purchases for business travelers, as they’re easier to use and faster than irons and can make your shirts and suits look freshly pressed in a matter of seconds.

This one is small, fitting in even small carry-ons without adding weight or bulk. It’s 8.5 x 6.1 x 3.9 inches and weighs a slight 1.69 pounds. It works from all angles without leaking and leaving water marks, so you can flip your hand upside down to reach wrinkled spots without worrying. It also filters tap water, which protects it from calcification but also protects your clothing.

The steamer heats up in about 25 seconds, but the handle is never too hot to hold. One user called it the “little engine that could.” This is one of the best travel accessories for men out there, especially those who find themselves packing work or formal clothes for most trips.

Price: $39.90

Buy the Bizond Mini Steamer here.

8. Hydro Flask Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

insulated water bottle

Hydro Flask

Don’t waste money buying overpriced water in airports or on the road. Pack a refillable water bottle and you’ll save money and the environment. This Hydro Flask insulated stainless steel water bottle has a powder coat, giving it a slip-free grip, and a standard mouth size that’s easy to sip from but big enough to fill with ice if needed.

It’s made of non-toxic, BPA-free plastics and 18/8 food grade stainless steel, meaning it’s good for the earth but also good for you (some plastics can be harmful to drink from after continued use).

The double walled, vacuum insulated technology keeps your beverages either ice cold or steaming hot. This is for the most part a good thing, but note that coffee can stay extremely hot for hours–wait for it to cool a bit before pouring it in the bottle if possible. On the opposite spectrum, some reviewers said ice didn’t melt for six to eight hours.

The bottle fits in the side pockets of most backpacks, so it’s great for taking hiking or to class, and the flexible top strap is comfortable to hold for extended periods. It comes in 17 colors.

Price: $22.50-59.59 (some colors on the lower spectrum are on sale)

Buy the Hydro Flask Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle here.

9. Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask

silk sleep mask

Alaska Bear

When it comes to travel accessories for men, a silk sleep mask might not come immediately to mind, but after it helps you sleep on a flight or in a hotel room filled with bright city lights, you’ll never want to travel without it.

This 100 percent momme natural mulberry silk mask is luxurious, soft, and provides a cooling effect on your eyes. It’s also hypoallergenic and doesn’t irritate dry eyes. The plastic adjuster helps it stay at the back of your head without snagging your hair.

One user said it was the “best sleep mask I’ve ever had” and multiple users noted it doesn’t leave any stress on the temples or nose. Migraine users particularly like the mask for the way it blocks out light. On the downside, the strap can stretch over time, making it loose on your head. Users did say that customer service was sometimes willing to provide a replacement.

Price: $9.99

Buy the Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask here.

10. Hynes Eagle Cable Organizer

travel cable organizer


Cords can quickly become a tangled mess in your bag after a day or two of travel, causing confusion and annoyance when you need just one. A simple cord organizing travel bag solves the problem.

This one is polyester with PVC coating and 9.1 x 6.3 x 1.6 inches, so it’s durable and can fit easily in most bags. It has two mesh zipper pockets inside where you can store items like portable chargers or headphones, as well as three smaller mesh pockets with elastic loops to keep things in place (great for flash drives, SD cards, etc.). Then there are 12 larger elastic loops where you can fold cords and neatly store them.

Though it’s primarily made for cord storage, some reviewers even fit their Kindle or other e-readers. Others had a hard time fitting a MacBook Pro charger, but fit other laptop chargers easily. The bag comes in 12 color variations, mostly based on neutrals. It weighs 5 ounces. If you travel with a lot of electronics, this bag could be a huge help to your organization. As one user said, “the design brought peace to what was once a cluttered frustration.”

Price: $14.99

Buy the Hynes Eagle Cable Organizer here.

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