35 Unique Wedding Favors: The Ultimate List

unique wedding favors

Unique wedding favors are the cherry on top of your entire wedding day. You’ve already treated guests to a beautiful celebration, likely involving some great music and an amazing meal, and this is your final opportunity to thank guests for joining in the fun.

When choosing an item for your wedding favors, there are a few important factors to keep in mind. First, you’ll want this favor to be useful to guests. There’s nothing worse than spending money on a gift that’s going to wind up in the garbage soon after it’s been given.

One tip here is to keep this item gender neutral, for obvious reasons. Secondly, the item should speak to the uniqueness of the wedding. You can do this by tying into the location of the wedding, the time of year, or by choosing a favor that represents your personalities. Lastly, you’ll want to keep the cost in mind, as you’ll be buying a large quantity of whatever item you decide to gift to guests.

To help with this process, we’ve rounded up some of the best unique wedding favors around and divided them into four categories: wedding favors for the home, wedding favors to eat, wedding favors to drink, and practical wedding favors.

We’re confident that this list has something for everyone, but if you need additional inspiration, here are some other unique wedding favors.

Unique Wedding Favors for the Home

Gifting guests something that they can take home and use again is a great option for a wedding favor. Not only will your friends and family be excited to receive something at the end of the wedding, but they’ll be reminded of your special day whenever they use this item in the future. We’ve assembled a wide range of favors that guests will be sure to enjoy in their home for a long time to come.

1. Pashmina Scarf Wedding Favor

pashmina scarf wedding

Even on a nice spring or summer evening, it can get chilly at night. These pashmina scarfs make a great practical gift for the day of the wedding, and can be used at home as an everyday scarf in the future.

The soft knitted scarfs come in a variety of colors, both bright and neutral, so you can choose your favorite or select a few. Each scarf is neatly rolled with the custom tag reading “To Have and to Hold in case you get cold”.

Price: $6.99

Buy these unique wedding favors here.

2. Rosette Succulents: Wedding Collection

succulent wedding favors

(Shop Succulents)

Succulents are one of our favorite unique favor ideas for the home. They’re relatively inexpensive and even your friends with a black thumb can keep these little plants thriving. This listing comes with 64 individual succulents, already potted and planted.

You can enhance the presentation of this favor by purchasing these mini flower pots and these “let love grow” customizeable tags.

If you like the idea of a planted wedding favor, wedding guests would also enjoy these organic herb cans – allowing them to grow a variety of herbs right from their windowsill.

Price: $48.27 for 64 (33 percent off MSRP)

Buy these unique wedding favors here.

3. “Let the Adventure Begin” Airplane Bottle Opener

bottle opener wedding favor


Bottle openers are one of those items everyone needs a few of. Your bottle opener never seems to be in that same drawer you remember leaving it in, making this a great unique favor for wedding guests. This bottle opener has an antiqued bronzed finish and comes with a fabric gift tag.

If you like the idea of a bottle opener wedding favor but the plane design isn’t for you, you can browse additional wedding favor bottle openers here. Some of our favorites include antique keys, flip flops, and leaves.

Price: $6.80 each (25 percent off MSRP)

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4. Two Peas in a Pod Salt & Pepper Shakers

two peas in a pod wedding favor

(Kate Aspen)

These bright green ceramic salt and pepper shakers are a unique wedding favor that will make guests smile every time they use them. This favor comes packaged in a small box with an ivory bow, so you won’t have to do anything else before presenting them to your guests.

If you’re looking for another similar option, this pear shaped salt and pepper shaker is truly unique. The top half of the ceramic pear is a salt shaker and the bottom half is a pepper shaker. It also comes wrapped and ready to gift.

Price: $3.29 each

Buy these unique wedding favors here.

5. Custom Seed Packets

seed packet wedding favor

Minikin Seed Packets

Send your guests on their way with these adorable customized seed packet. The seed packets do come empty, but you can go to any local gardening center to purchase seeds or simply buy them in bulk online here. The handmade seed packets come in several different designs, and you can buy them in the quantity of your choosing, in sets of 25 for convenient purchasing.

Price: $21.90 for 25

Buy these unique wedding favors here.

6. Sip & Scribble Coaster

coaster wedding favor


There’s no doubt that your guests will use these coasters around the house. These are great for entertaining and to help keep tabs on your drink.

The price of this item decreases as the quantity purchased increases, which makes it a great unique wedding favor for larger weddings. This item is packaged just as it’s shown in the photo and also includes a starter piece of chalk so guests can get scribbling.

This “Sip and Scribble” bottle stopper is another great wedding favor choice. Guests will remember celebrating with you every time they jot down the name of a half empty bottle of wine.

Price: $2.11 – $6.33 depending on quantity purchased

Buy these unique wedding favors here.

7. Let the Journey Begin Vintage Suitcase Luggage Tag

luggage tag wedding favor

(Kate Aspen)

This travel themed unique wedding favor should be the pick for any destination wedding. It subtly alludes to your new beginning as Mr. and Mrs. but is something that guests can continue to use for all of their own future trips.

While this travel themed wedding tag is our favorite, we also think that this “Owl Be Seeing You” luggage tag and this “Anchors Away” luggage tag are great options that might align more with your personal aesthetic.

Price: $1.99 – $4.89 depending on quantity purchased

Buy these unique wedding favors here.

8. Bloomin’ Seed Paper – Planting Kit Favor

planting kit favor

If you’re hosting a garden wedding, what could be better than helping your guest start a little garden of their own at home? Each artisan paper card is created with 100 percent recycled paper dyed with all-natural, vegetable-based pigments.

You can feel very good about the product you’re buying. You guests can take these home, and to use, simply soak paper overnight, tear up, plant under a thin layer of soil, and water gently and regularly until seedlings sprout.

Price: $30 for 12

Buy these unique wedding favors here.

9. Fire Starter Kit Favors

fire starter wedding favor

(Nature Favors)

This nature inspired gift is a great handmade favor for fall and winter weddings. The kit has everything you need to get toasty on a chilly day – a pine cone fire starter, pine needles, and some matches.

This kit also comes with the option of a personalized label on top to tie this gift back to your wedding day. You can pair this gift with these personalized hot cocoa packs to make your favor extra special.

Price: $95.40 for 12

Buy these unique wedding favors here.

10. Mini Scented Candle Favors

scented candle


Guests will love being gifted this small keepsake candle from your wedding. Anyone hosting a garden wedding should consider this wedding favor with fresh floral scents. Each one of these scented candles has a burn time of 15-20 hours.

The packaging is the best part, with beautiful bright designs on each candle. For a more customized candle favor, these candles have personalized tin tops, which can be made to include your names and wedding date.

Price: $15.69 for four

Buy these unique wedding favors here.

11. Kraft Lottery Ticket Holders

lottery ticket holder


This is less of a gift for your home and more of a gift that can buy you a home – if you get lucky. Guest will love a chance at winning big and will have fun trying even if they end up empty handed. If you’d like a different design for the loto ticket holder, you can check out a few additional options here.

They include messages like “Wishing You Riches From The New Mr. and Mrs”, “Lucky in Love”, and “For Richer or Poorer”, all tying into the wedding theme.

Price: $6.99 for 10

Buy these unique wedding favors here.

Unique Food Themed Wedding Favors

While some people tend to avoid food related wedding favors because they feel that they’ve already fed their guests plenty, we think that this is a great place to add in a personal touch and send guests away with a unique edible treat.

You can make this favor a sweet item that they can enjoy as a midnight snack (cookies, candy, donuts, cupcakes). You can also gift a favorite ingredient that guests will recognize as something you love. Use food related favors as an opportunity to tie in the season or location of the wedding (barbecue sauce for a Texas wedding, candied apples in the fall, etc.)

Favors can also be an opportunity to treat your guests to breakfast the next morning with some mini muffins and a cup of joe to go. These are our favorite food related favors.

1. Sriracha Hot Sauce Keychain Bottle

sriracha keychain


Spice things up with this unique wedding favor. Guests will love being able to add sriracha on the go without having to think twice.

If you prefer traditional hot sauce, these mini Tabasco bottles or these mini Cholula Hot Sauce bottles both do the trick. Both of these options are refillable and leak proof so guests can be reminded of your wedding any time they need a kick of spice.

Price: $3.50 – $5.67 depending on quantity purchased

Buy these unique wedding favors here.

2. Popcorn Boxes Aqua Blue Design Trio

popcorn boxes

(Food with Fashion)

Thank guests for popping by with some gourmet popcorn. You can either fill these cartons ahead of time or set up a small popcorn station with a few varieties and let your guests help themselves. Either way, we recommend having an option of both salty and sweet to appease everyone’s tastebuds.

You can purchase bulk popcorn online in a variety of flavors including: white popcorn, kettle corn, cheese popcorn, and caramel corn. Grab some of these custom stickers to make your favors a bit more special.

Price: $13.95 for 36 boxes

Buy these unique wedding favors here.

3. Jelly Belly Bubbly Champagne Flavored Jelly Beans Bottle

champagne jelly beans

By the end of the night your guests have probably had their fair share of champagne and other alcohol, but champagne in the form of jelly beans is a whole different story.

Send your guests on their way with these adorable champagne bottles filled with a sweet gummy treat. Buy them in bulk for about $2 a pop, no pun intended.

Price: $50 for 24 boxes

Buy these unique wedding favors here.

4. Love is Sweet Custom Candy Bar

candy buffet

Party Candy Buffet Table Assortment

Candy bars make a great impression at a wedding, allowing guests to assemble a little goody bag of sweet treats. While you can put together your own assortment of candy, it’s much easier to purchase one of these pre-selected kits, which are customized to the color of your choosing and can mimic your wedding color scheme.

Price: $48.20 for the sign plus the cost of candy

Buy these unique wedding favors here.

5. His Favorite Her Favorite Wedding Stickers


(Orange Umbrella Co.)

Personalize your wedding favors by pairing these adorable stickers with small bags of your favorite treats. Use these cellophane bags to hold your goodies. Guests can choose between the two options (or maybe they’ll snag one of each).

This is an inexpensive but unique way to switch up a traditional food favor. We also like these sweet and salty stickers if that’s more your style or this combination of the two designs.

Price: $5.50 for six 3″ circles, varies depending on size and finish

Buy these unique wedding favors here.

6. Bonne Maman Mixed Preserve Mini Jars

mini jam jars


Honey is one of those things that you should always have on hand, but might not think to purchase for yourself. This little foursome is a step up from a simple honey jar, so guests will feel extra special.

You can choose to put out an assortment of jars and let guests choose, or wrap up all four for an upgraded favor. These “meant to bee” honey dippers are a great add-on to this already thoughtful and unique favor.

Price: $54.50 for 15 packs

Buy these unique wedding favors here.

7. Cold Pressed Olive Oil

olive oil gift

(The Flavored Olive)

Say “olive you” to your guests with these infused olive oils. This set comes with four various flavors so guests can choose which they like best. If the highlight of your wedding is the food and guests would describe you as a foodie, we think this makes for a great unique wedding favor.

You can make this item more personal by including your favorite recipe as a couple, or perhaps two different recipes – one by you and one from your significant other.

Feel free to use these recipe cards or create your own. Next time your guest is brainstorming what to make for dinner, or reaches into their cupboard, they’ll be reminded of your celebrations together.

Price: $25.95 for four

Buy these unique wedding favors here.

8. Urban Accents Popcorn Seasoning

popcorn seasoning

(Urban Accents)

We know that this is the second popcorn themed item on this list, but we couldn’t help ourselves. The packaging on this item is clean and impressive and while popcorn is the obvious choice for this seasoning, it can also be used on french fries, nuts, vegetables, pasta, and salads.

You can use these chalkboard spice jar labels to assign a flavor to each guest ahead of time, or let them choose for themselves. If you like the idea of gifting gourmet spices, why not create your own? For an even more unique favor, fill these jars with your favorite dip mix, poultry rub, or everyday spice.

Price: $14.47 for three

Buy these unique wedding favors here.

Unique Drink Themed Wedding Favors

Drink related wedding favors are right up there with food favors in terms of being a safe option. Guests will rarely turn down the opportunity to sample a drink if you place it in their hands.

There’s room for creativity in this category. You can keep the favor celebratory by serving a signature cocktail at the wedding and let guests keep the glassware, or give guests a drink related favor that they can take home and enjoy at a later date. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite favors for sipping below.

1. Glass Fever-Tree Drink Gift Pack

drink gift


Help your guests craft the perfect cocktail with these natural flavored premium mixers. These mixers contain no artificial flavorings, colors, or preservatives, so you can feel good gifting this unique wedding favor.

We recommend presenting each one with a set of recipes cards so guests know exactly how to use each mixer. You can take this gift one step further by filling these bottles with various liquors and lettings guests grab one of each. You can browse additional options for cocktail mixers and bitters here.

Price: $15.17 for six

Buy these unique wedding favors here.

2. Izze Sparkling Juice

izze wedding favor


Add a pop of color to your favor table with these Izze all natural sparkling juices. The three bright, bold flavors (grapefruit, blackberry and clementine) are a fun choice for summer weddings, daytime weddings or weddings with lots of personality.

You can also thanks guests with these San Pellegrino sparkling cans which come in Orange, Blood Orange, Lemon and Grapefruit. At only a little over $1 for each favor, the price on this option cannot be beat.

We recommend adding in a variety of bright colored straws so guests can start sipping right away.

Price: $27 for 24 cans

Buy unique these wedding favors here.

3. Moscow Mule Hammered Copper Drinking Mug

moscow mule mug

(Home Select)

We’re not sure who doesn’t like a Moscow Mule, but if you know anyone who doesn’t, we suggest leaving them off your guest list. Set up a sign letting guests know that they can grab a Mule at the bar, and take this keepsake home with them for continued enjoyment.

These gorgeous hammered copper mugs keep drinks colder, longer – so guests can also use them for iced tea, water, or beer. If you like the idea of gifting a Moscow mug, but this particular version isn’t your style, browse additional options here.

Price: $24.23 for a set of four (13 percent off MSRP)

Buy these unique wedding favors here.

4. Bizzy Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

cold brew coffee


After a day of partying and a night of dancing, your guests will be delighted to see highly caffeinated cold brew on your favor table. This coffee will certainly put a pep in their step for their travels home or to get them going the next morning.

Cover up an existing label with these “love is brewing” stickers or order an assortment of cold brew bottles so guests can choose which they like best.

We recommend browsing this list for additional cold brew options.

If you prefer the hot coffee route, you can purchase these coffee favor bags and fill them with your coffee beans of choice.

Price: $10 for six bottles

Buy these unique wedding favors here.

5. The Perfect Blend Wedding Favor Tags

wedding favor tags

Perhaps you’re big coffee fanatics who want to send your guests home with some of your favorite beans. Since coffee beans are relatively inexpensive, you can buy your favorite variety in bulk, and pack them with adorable and custom packaging like these real wood tags.

Each tag includes your names and wedding date, and can be purchased in the quantity of your choosing. Keep in mind that these take 3-5 business days to create and ship.

Price: $33 for 25 tags

Buy these unique wedding favors here.

6. The Slinger – Mason Jar Shot Glasses

mason jar shot glasses

(The Slinger)

You tied the knot, now (make your friends) take a shot. Have your bartender whip up a big batch of your favorite shooters and guests can keep the glassware for a fun and unique wedding favor. You can use this favor as an opportunity to create two separate shooters that best represent you and your significant other in lieu of signature cocktails.

These glasses come with tops, so you can assemble your favors ahead of time and stack them on a table for an easy display. We like this similarly designed glass jar or this miniature flask key chain equally.

Price: $8.99 for five (29 percent off MSRP)

Buy these unique wedding favors here.

7. Burlap Wine Bottle Gift Bag

wine bottle gift tag


Grab a few cases of your favorite inexpensive vino and pair a bottle with these burlap totes for a special and unique wedding favor. You can put one type of wine in the tote with the painted glasses and another type of wine in the “cheers” tote to give guests an option.

Guests can pop a bottle open on their next special occasion and be reminded of celebrating with you. If this design isn’t for you, browse some other burlap wine tote options here.

Price: $11.90 for two (36 percent off MSRP)

Buy these unique wedding favors here.

Unique Practical Wedding Favors

One problem with wedding favors is that while guests are initially excited about their parting gift, when the time comes to use it, it’s been misplaced or forgotten about. You can avoid this problem by giving guests something that they’ll want to put to use right away.

Guests will love that you thought about their well being during the festivities and you’ll get to see your gift being put to use. It’s a win, win. Here is a list of great practical wedding favors.

1. ‘Eat, Drink & Be Married’ Insulated Can Holder

eat drink and be married can holder


You are going to serve beer at your wedding, and there’s a good chance that with all of the celebrating and socializing, said beer is going to get warm.

Present your guests with these wedding koozies and solve the problem of warm beer for family and friends. You can displays these at the bar and let guests know that these are theirs to keep.

You and your betrothed can stand out with these special “Mr. and Mrs.” koozies. If this design isn’t for you, you can browse other customizable koozie designs here.

Price: $15.60 for 12

Buy these unique wedding favors here.

2. Solid Black Flip Flops

wedding flip flops


Here’s another opportunity for you to gift your guests just what they need, right when they need it. This unique wedding favor will keep guests dancing and they will appreciate having an alternative to their not so comfy shoes.

Purchase this sign for the dance floor and then fill some baskets with white or black wholesale flip flops.

You can also opt to throw some color into the mix with these colored rubber flip flops.

Price: $169.95 for 72 pairs

Buy these unique wedding favors here.

3. Happy Tears Wedding Handkerchief Favors

wedding handkerchief


There’s no question that you’ll have many guests crying happy tears at your wedding. Rather then a simple and standard paper tissue, set these adorable and festive handkerchiefs out at each seat for guests to use. The handkerchiefs are beautifully decorated with personalized paper tags tied around each.

Price: $43.20 for 30

Buy these unique wedding favors here.

4. Mosquito Repellent Leather Braided Bracelet

mosquito repellent bracelet

(Natural ProTech)

We cannot think of a better unique favor for an outdoor wedding than these all natural insect repelling bracelets. There’s nothing that will kill your guests’ party swag more than being stung by a bunch of mosquitos and these are less of an eyesore than a bunch of bug spray bottles laying around.

These are powered by natural oils, so guests won’t be putting any harsh chemicals in contact with their skin. To make this unique favor even more memorable, tie these kraft tags on each bracelet with the message “get smitten not bitten”. We think you’re punny.

Price: $19.88 for 10

Buy these unique wedding favors here.

5. Wayfarer Sunglasses Neon Color Party Glasses

wayfarer sunglasses


If there’s one thing wedding guests are always forgetting to bring to a wedding, it’s their sunglasses. We get it, there’s a lot to remember. Between trying to make it to the ceremony on time, and grabbing the card and gift, sunglasses are not top of mind. You can save guests from a day of squinting with these unique wedding favors.

You can purchase an assortment of colors (pictured above) or opt for a single color to match your day. You can also browse additional bulk order sunglasses here to find an option that best suits your style.

Price: $35.99 for 10

Buy these unique wedding favors here.

6. Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 8 Instant Camera

fujifilm camera


We’re not suggesting you purchase a Polaroid camera for every single wedding guest, but if you’d like to do so, by all means. Instead, we think purchasing a handful of these instant film cameras and leaving them on guest tables with a few rolls of film makes a great unique wedding favor.

You can also set up your own photo booth with a few cameras and some great photo booth props. Guests can get silly in front of the camera and walk away with whatever snapshots they take at your wedding.

This Fujifilm model comes in a variety of colors so you can choose something bright and vibrant or opt for the classic black or white option. Don’t forget to grab lots of extra film so you can keep the camera rolling all night long.

Price: $50.99

Buy these unique wedding favors here.

7. Hangover Kit Wedding Favor Bags

hangover kit wedding favor


You might not get to witness wedding guests using this item, but it’s still a practical favor that guests will be sure to thank you for once they’ve fully recovered from your open bar. These bags are 4″x 6″ and can fit quite a few hangover essentials.

We suggest stuffing these bags with Advil, Emergen-C, mouthwash, and a pack of saltines. You can shop additional hangover kit options here.

Price: $8.99 for 10 bags (31 percent off MSRP)

Buy these unique wedding favors here.

8. Bee Kissed Natural Healing Mint Lip Balm

mint lip balm

(Purely Mee)

Lip balm is another one of those items we seem to always be purchasing, yet we’re always without when we need it most. This natural mint option sooths lips and freshens breath at the same time with the addition of mint, beeswax and pure honey.

While the packaging on this lip balm is great alone, you can enhance this unique favor with the addition of these “mint to be” tags or these “mint to be” stickers. If this isn’t your style but you like the idea of a mint themed wedding favor, you can check out additional options here.

Price: $13.50 for three

Buy these unique wedding favors here.

9. Custom Matches Wedding Favor

matches wedding favor

(Kelsey Joy Creative)

This classic wedding favor is made modern with the plethora of color choices and clean font choice. It’s an easy favor that everyone can use, but that won’t break the bank. You can set a jar of these out in several places throughout your venue (on your place card table, on the bars, in the restrooms) so that guests can help themselves to your unique favor throughout the evening.

While the most traditional option is to customize these with your name and/or wedding date, you can also choose to include a quote, a wedding related phrase, or your wedding hashtag. The matches are available in the classic matchbox size: 2″ 3/16 x 1″ 3/8 (with 22 matches in each box).

There are over 70 Colors to choose from including over 50 foil colors. You will also receive a complimentary electronic proof via email within 24 – 48 hours of placing order so you can make sure it’s just right before ordering. At just over $1 per matchbox, these are an extremely affordable wedding favor.

Still haven’t found that perfect gift? Browse more wedding favor ideas here.

Price: $53 for 50

Buy these wedding favors here.

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