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11 Best Wedding Cake Serving Sets: Compare, Buy & Save

While a lot of wedding traditions have been skipped in recent generations, the cutting of the wedding cake is still something that newlyweds are opting to include in their reception rituals. There have been a number of rituals and traditions surrounding the wedding cake, many of which have evolved and changed throughout the years. In the most recently recognizable tradition, the bride and groom both cut and share a slice of their wedding cake.

The cake was originally intended to be distributed to guests by only the bride because consuming the cake would ensure fertility. Soon weddings grew, the number of guests increased, and cakes went from simple pastries to elaborate, multi-tiered extravaganzas (also in part to symbolize wealth and fertility). It became virtually impossible for the bride to cut the cake alone so the groom began assisting the bride in the process. Once this tradition began, the bride and groom would share a piece of cake before distributing it to the guests to symbolize their union and their promise to forever provide for each other.

Long story short, if you’re opting to follow this timeless tradition, you’ll want to consider the knife and server displayed alongside your beautiful cake. With the cake acting as a centerpiece, and likely costing hundreds of dollars, ordinary serving utensils simply won’t cut it – literally.

We’ve rounded up 10 of the best, most beautiful, and most importantly, functional wedding cake serving sets. If none of these are quite your style, you can browse some additional top-rated sets to find your favorite.

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