50 Best Bridal Shoes in 2019 for Every Budget & Style

Shoes have forever been at the forefront of my fashion decisions. I actually bought my wedding shoes before I bought my wedding dress – true story. I saw them and knew it was a done deal. They had to be mine. Some brides don’t get quite as excited about shoes, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have some fancy footwear to pair with their gorgeous gown.

Comfort is KEY on your wedding day, so even if you get googly-eyed about a pair of stilettos, keep in mind that you’re going to wearing those bad boys for many hours (likely more than a full eight hour work day to be precise). You’ll want to make sure that your tootsies can remain somewhat happy through pictures, the ceremony, and (at least part) of the reception.

Many brides grab a second, more comfortable pair of shoes for later in the night so that they can dance to their heart’s content without worrying about their feet. Tom’s has a line of wedding shoes that’s really popular for a late night shoe swap. A simple pair of white flip flops is another great choice.

Your wedding shoes are a special pair that you’ll treasure forever. Even if your dress covers them up, you want to be confident knowing that you love whatever pair you choose. Just like your dress, this is a purchase where a tiny splurge is completely valid. We’ve found our favorite 20 pairs of wedding shoes and divided them below into the following categories: ivory and white wedding shoes, metallic wedding shoes, flats and sandals (great for anyone who just cannot do a heel or doesn’t want the added height), and cheap wedding shoes (all $25 and under for those on a budget).

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