Dariel Figueroa
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Robert Rodriguez, writer / director of Machete Kills, is banking on Marko Zaror being America’s next great action star.

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China’s overcrowded beaches have spawned a new piece of face fashion, The Face-Kini, and it’s the most terrifying sun protectant ever.

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Everyone’s favorite whiny little bitch is at it again complaining about everything except his own poor casting decisions.

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Brandon Cronenberg, son of David, has released the scary new trailer for his feature film debut, ‘Antiviral’.

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Guillermo del Toro spilled the beans to Collider yesterday about where his Hulk TV adaptation is at. Only one piece of the green puzzle is LOST.

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Missed the fourth episode of Breaking Bad’s final season? We got you covered. “Fifty-One” recap and analysis.