Lindsay Lohan Plays Sex Crazed Vixen in ‘The Canyons’
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Lindsay Lohan Plays Sex Crazed Vixen in ‘The Canyons’

Is Lindsay Lohan getting into the porn industry? Well, not exactly, but her new film does blur the lines a bit between the “normal” movie industry and the adult film industry.

Lilo’s making an attempt at returning to the big screen with director Paul Schrader’s (American Gigolo) neo-noire thriller The Canyons, which just so happens to co-star leading adult film actor James Deen.

The film was written by Brett Easton Ellis (American Psycho) and delves into the lives of a bunch of L.A 20-somethings who’s lives revolve around sex and stardom ambition, but soon unravel in paranoia and violence after a chance meeting. In other words, it’s the story Lilo’s been living the past six years.

This will be Lindsay’s first big screen movie appearance since her role as a wicked nun in 2010’s Machete, so expectations are definitely present.

Not to say that the film’s going for a certain target audience with its throwback retro style’d grindhouse feel, but the wardrobe for the movie was supplied by American Apparrel. Yes, this movie is for YOU, Silver Lake hipsters.

Look for the vintage styled smut to hit screens in 2013.

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