A.J. McCarron Upset Over Girlfriend Katherine Webb’s Instant Fame

Looks like quarterback A.J. McCarron is getting a little jealous over girlfriend Katherine Webb’s instant fame after ESPN announcer Brent Musburger gushed over how attractive she was during a broadcast on Monday night, reports TMZ.

Sources close to Webb told TMZ that the reigning Miss Alabama cancelled eight interviews scheduled for Wednesday because she’s getting all the attention and that the media is ignoring McCarron’s accomplishments on the field. But of course, Webb released a statement denying that her quarterback boyfriend had anything to do with the cancellations.

“My decision to cancel the interviews was not made at A.J.’s request.” Katherine said and that she pulled out because she feared that her relationship with the quarterback will be viewed as a “celebrity status” thing and that the misconception could spell doom for the couple. “I want it to be about me and him. He’s a guy I can see myself having a real future with.”

Is anyone actually buying this? Look at how McCarron reacts to the news of how many Twitter follows she has:

I love how his face turns to pure shock, then to jealousy as he’s told LeBron James is following her, too.

Either way, she’s still hot. Here’s one for the road:

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