WATCH: Kathy Griffin Goes Down on Anderson Cooper on Live TV

Anderson Cooper might have to snub his whackjob attention-whore buddy from next year’s New Year’s Eve coverage. In fact, he could file sexual assault charges against Kathy Griffin after the funnywoman simulated oral sex on live TV, kissing his crotch during CNN’s broadcast last night.

Griffin has a history of nutjob antics, but may be the first time we’ve seen her molest a gay man with her mouth on live television.

First she told Cooper she’d “tickle his sack,” making a grab for his boys. Cooper clumsily played it off with something about a sack of Christmas presents. “Do you call your private parts Christmas presents?” the uncontrollable Griffin continued.

Later, during a live segment by a correspondent in Eastport, Maine, where the locals have a tradition of kissing a big sardine, Griffin really got randy. She was determined to kiss Cooper’s sardine, and — while on split-screen with the reporter in Eastport — landed a smooch on the newsman’s junk.

“I can do this all night long,” she said as Cooper squirmed and wrestled to keep her face off his penis.

Happy New Year.

kathy griffin anderson cooper

“I’m gonna tickle your sack.”

kathy griffin kisses anderson cooper crotch

“I was kissing the sardine.”

kathy griffin goes down on anderson cooper

“I can do this all night long.”

kathy griffin oral sex anderson cooper

“I’m going down. You know you want to.” … “Believe me, I really don’t. I never have.”

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