The Bachelorette 6/3/13: Live Blog

Rap video with Soulja Boy, baby. This should have the right amount of cheese. 8:01pm

Uh oh. Is dream man Ben actually a nightmare? 8:02pm

Brooks gets the first solo date… 8:04pm

Aw, a blue Bentley. Life sucks, huh. :) 8:05pm

Brooks’ suit is Dumb and Dumber meets St. Patty’s Day. 8:10pm

Yowza. The Hollywood Sign. Amazing date. 90th Anniversary, so they have access. 8:12pm

And Brooks gets the first kiss… didn’t think he was attractive ’til right now. 8:15pm

This bridge date decor is unreal. 8:20pm

Who’s here for the right reasons? -Desiree 8:24pm

Andy Grammar…. not a bad private performance for a date. 8:27pm

Yuh oh… White Boy Raps are killin’ my ears lol. 8:33pm

Soulja Boy’s laugh is like a little girl. 8:35pm

Hello, Cheeks!…. Brandon should sell his thong on ebay. 8:36pm

Put on me pants please… especially with all that bending over. 8:40pm

No more rapping. Make it stop. Ahhhhh. 8:41pm

Let the sluttiness continue! 8:46pm

Yeah! The guy goes after the girl. 8:50pm

Date card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8:59pm

I feel like Bryden’s going to get sent home. 9:00pm

Des hangs out more with the Bentley than the guys… 9:09pm

Mmmmm dinner in Ojai. 9:13pm

Too funny.

Does every guy on this show have a heart-breaking story? 9:20pm

So awkward. How many times can you say the date is awesome and fun? 9:24pm

Cheese and Corn. 9:29pm

Aw, shout out to those dealing with diabetes. 9:30pm

Yea, Ben doesn’t seem like good news… or maybe he’s just smooth. 9:33pm

Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn… the Ben confrontation. 9:39pm

If you had talked to her more, she would have been asleep. 9:46pm

Here we go, Fellas. 9:52pm

Not social media guy! #No 9:53pm

Aw, he’s so cute. 9:55pm

Brandon is ready to explode. Give it to him! 9:56pm

Finally! Last rose to Brandon. 9:56pm

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