Robert Pattinson Kisses Hot Model: Makes Out For Dior Homme Campaign

Robert Pattinson

(Getty images)

Twilight star Robert Pattinson engages in a sexy on-screen kiss with model Camille Rowe for his campaign with Dior Homme, reports Perezhilton.com. However, a passionate lip-lock or two for this blood-sucking actor is nothing new at all. At least this one was for a good cause— the English beau was name ambassador for the new fragrance just a few days ago. Good thing him and Kristen Stewart are broken up for good… otherwise poor Robert would definitely be in for some girl drama!

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Meanwhile, has Robert found a new love for real?

Rumors of Robert and Katy Perry seen together have been surfacing for a few days now. According to Enstarz.com, Robert and Katy have been good pals for years now. They were even recently spotted hanging out together in L.A. at the Hollywood Palladium during a concert. Perhaps, the two are dating but keeping their status on the down low. Do you think the two would be a good match? Good thing Robert is saving his real heart flutters for the real thing, as sexy as his fragrance campaign turned out.

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