Happy Birthday Liam Payne: 20 Birthday Tweets from One Direction Fans

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Liam Payne from the boy band One Direction turns 20 today and we’re celebrating with 20 celebratory tweets from his super fans! Let’s all celebrate together!

One Direction Fans Camp Out for ‘This Is Us’ Movie Premiere: Top 25 Fun Photos

One Direction's movie 'This Is Us' premieres tonight in Leicester Square and fans have camped out everywhere. Check out some of the crazy and fun photos here!

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RIP Larry Shippers Tweets: One Direction Fan Suicide Rumor Photos

One Direction rumors are swirling about 42 fan suicides on Twitter using the hashtag RIP Larry Shippers. Fans are supporting each other while others are hating.

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One Direction’s Most Hilarious and Goofy Pics: Top 25 Photos

One Direction fans love the boy band for their music, their hotness, but also their goofiness. Check out these 25 hilarious photos of the guys goofing around.

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WATCH: One Direction Live on Today Show Drawing Largest Crowd [VIDEO]

One Direction appeared on the Today Show this morning, drawing the largest crowd they've ever had. Check out backstage footage and their performance here.

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