WATCH: ‘When Will the Bass Drop?’ – Davvinci ‘SNL’ Skit

Andy Samberg put on a skit where he pretended to be a popular DJ named DAVVINCI who kept faking out the crowd in anticipation of “dropping the bass” on Saturday Night Live tonight. Finally, DAVVINCI hits the “bass” button and Lil Jon screams, “Get Turned Up to Death.” Then all the crowd members start dying and blowing up. Watch the crazy skit in the above video.

WATCH: Andy Samberg’s Opening Monologue on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Andy Samberg hosted the 39th season finale on Saturday Night Live and gave a fantastic opening to the show with some celeb cameos. Check it out.

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WATCH: Kristen Wiig & Paul Rudd Stop by the ‘SNL’ Finale

To perform a skit about an overly affectionate family, tons of former SNL cast members and stars stopped by. Check out the disgusting, yet awesome video.

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WATCH: Pharrell Williams & Andy Samberg Team Up for Hug Video on ‘SNL’ Finale

Guess who was dishing out hugs on the Saturday Night Live finale tonight ... Pharrell Williams.

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