PS4: Sony’s Japan Conference Reveals PS4 Games Lineup and PS Vita TV


The Tokyo Game Show 2013 is preparing to go down on September 19-22, 2013 and it can be compared to Japan’s version of the celebrated Electronic Entertainment Expo. Sony went ahead and conducted a pre-TGS 2013 press conference that showcased a large variety of the hardware/software company’s product lineup.

Check out the best bits of Sony’s pre-TGS 2013 press conference below to get a look at the PS4/PS Vita’s synced features, the fresh slim PS Vita model and the new PS Vita TV:

A Day With PlayStation

PlayStation®Vita TV Global Concept Movie

PS Vita TV ‘Reveal Presentation’

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Playstation 4 NEW Games 2013-2014

PS Vita ‘New Model Revealed (PCH-200)

Along with these videos showcasing Sony’s new gaming information, a few extra tidbits were revealed. Check out the information that Joystiq got from the majority of Sony’s press conference:

– Vita TV is the littlest new console in the PlayStation family. It connects to the TV, can play Vita games via a slot (using a DualShock 3) and stream PS4 games using remote play. And it’s priced at around $100 in Japan. A little big announcement!

– If you wanted your Vita smaller but not that small and not so screen-less, there’s a new Vita model hitting Japan in six oh-so-pretty colors. The 2000-series Vita is 20 percent thinner, 15 percent lighter, and comes in pink. Pink!

– Almost as surprising as those reveals was the PS4’s Japanese launch date: February 22, 2014 – some three months after Europe and North America get their hands on the next-gen system. At least there’ll be a fair few launch day games by then.

– Plenty of games got unveiled for systems, including Soul Sacrifice Delta and Phantasy Star Nova for Vita, and Yakuza Restoration for PS4. Suda51’s Grasshopper has a new PS4 game in the works too, although quite what it is beyond a “supreme action” game with a strange title – well, we’ll have to wait and see.

– No Final Fantasy 15 yet to revel in yet, but Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn has a PS4 beta date – the console’s launch day no less. Meanwhile, the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD remasters are getting sentimental with a special edition Vita.

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