Big Win Racing: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Big Win Racing Tips

Yeah, we know.

You can’t get enough racing games to keep you satisfied. Console gamers and mobile gamers have a ton of options to choose from. One new option throws a wrinkle into the overall framework of your usual racing games – Big Win Racing. Not only can you put your racing skills to the test in all types of race cars, you can cop a variety of new cards that can upgrade your stats and race standings.

Use these top 10 tips/tricks/cheats and you’re race crew will be happy to be behind a bonafide winner!

1. Try and Get Your Energy Back With That Mobile Phone Time Trick

So when you take yourself to the track, you end up depleting your energy bar. You can wait around for six minutes and tinker around before you get some energy back. We know you’re not down for the wait, though. Set your smartphone device’s clock ahead at 6-minute intervals so you can gain some energy back in no time.

2. You Can Also Use That Mobile Phone Time Trick to Cop Those Daily Bonuses

Yeah, this one’s also for the cheaters out there who really can’t wait a whole day to pick up some bonuses. You can go ahead and set your smartphone’s clock a whole day ahead and pick up the daily bonus for the next day. Just do this one time so you don’t abuse it more than once in one day. Moderation, cheaters. Moderation…

3. It’s Better to Select the Aggressive Driving Style for Some Races

Big Win Racing Tips Tricks

When you choose the type of driving style that applies to your personal racer, you have three options to select from. The overly aggressive racing style is great for the risk takers out there who want their racers to go crazy all over the track. The aggressive race types have a habit of crashing and bump other racers off the road. The aggressive racers are great for those races where you have a great score lead over the rest of the teams racing on the track. Don’t pick the aggressive race style if you’re not that high on the scoreboard for a current race circuit. Don’t risk it all! Go hard when you have a nice score lead.

4. Race Against Your Friends to Earn Some Coins

Big Win Racing Tips

Sometime you might not be in the mood to take part in those cup circuit races. If you’re looking to engage in some random races and earn some well-earned coins along thew way, go ahead and set up some play time with your Big Win Racing friends. You can hook up with some unknown folks if you pick up some Friend Codes, too. Earning coins through constantly participating in friendly races will keep your pockets full.

5. Here’s Some Other Ways You Can Earn More Coins

There’s plenty of other methods that will earn you some much needed coins. Finish championship races in either of the top three positions, watch advertisement videos, complete some of those various “Get Free Coins” offers, do some Tapjoy offers, trade in some of your Big Bucks for coins etc. You can also kill two birds with one stone – sell off some of your cards and make some coins all at the same time.

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