Weed Firm: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

5. Make Sure You Pay to Keep That Cop Off Your Back, Too

Weed Firm iOS

• Local roughnecks aren’t the only ones knocking down your door for some cash. That crooked police officer in this game are just as bad as them.

• When that one officer named Malone stops by and threatens to shut down your entire weed operation, pay him to stop him from doing so. Your safe won’t save you here, so it’s best to keep him happy and off your case with some cold cash.

• There’s a cool little method that you’ll unlock which will ward off the po-po and keep your stash and cash intact. When you hit level 14, you’ll unlock the option to purchase Sandy’s personal panties. Buy them when you get the chance, since they’ll come in handy when Malone stops by. When he comes to collect some cash, tell him to leave and he’ll just grab the panties. Who knew Malone was such a perv?

6. Listen to the Punk Rock Track While You’re Selling Your Sticky Icky

Weed Firm

• Once you cop the turntable and a few records, you can listen to music and increase the rate at which you pick up more experience.

• You should play the punk rock track a lot since it lasts a pretty long time. During the time it plays, sell some weed and nab yourself a nice extra helping of EXP.

Head to the next page to get some tips on how to get item discounts and the benefits of completing the lapdance minigame!

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