Weed Firm: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

7. Smoke With Your Customers Before You Purchase Whatever They’re Selling

Weed Firm Tips

• We’ve told you about what makes each customer more comfortable in spending some dough on your goods and some of the goods they sell.

• When they head over to your crib and you’ve unlocked the option to pick up whatever item they’re looking to sell, smoke with them. You’ll get a substantial discount on the product you’re about to pick up and add it to your collection.

8. Stack Up Some Cash for the Lapdance Minigame You’ll Run Into

• You’re eventually going to find yourself in an “interesting” situation. This situation is nothing more than an “innocent” little lapdance.

• It pays off greatly when you successfully complete the lapdance encounter. You’ll get a huge EXP boost once it comes to a close, so make sure you have the funds to finish it by saving up a healthy amount of bucks. This is one of the few missions that grant you some much-needed EXP.

Head to the next page to learn how to net some extra cash and what it takes to keep the alien from nabbing all your stuff!

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