‘Pokemon Go’ Update September 23: What Did It Change?

pokemon go september 23 update


Niantic has released a new Pokemon Go update, surprising many trainers who thought they’d need to wait at least another week to see a new update. Version 1.9.0 for iOS and version 0.39.0 for Android are being released and should hit the app stores anytime now. At the time of publication, most people who have the update got it through an APK download, but it should be available in Android and Apple stores soon. So what will be in this newest Pokemon Go update?

Here’s what you need to know.

Niantic is adding a new capture location feature. It’s not as great as the feature that trainers had early on, when the game was first released. But it will show you what city you caught any Pokemon in your Pokedex, and on what the Pokemon was captured.

Niantic is also listening to some complaints/recommendations about the Pokemon Go Plus device, and it’s letting trainers start to catch incense spawned Pokemon with their Plus. Prior to this update, trainers could only catch Pokemon that were in the wild or at Pokestops, but they couldn’t catch Pokemon that spawned because of incense.

The update will also fix some minor bugs, including a bug that caused some users to not be able to use the app at all because they kept getting stuck on a loading screen. A big that caused slow speeds during gym battles has also been fixed.

Here’s the official word from Niantic about the update:

It typically takes a few hours up to a few days for an update to make it to all players after Niantic announces the update online. So don’t worry if you’re not seeing the update yet. It should be available for you to use soon.

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