Try This Crazy Cardio/Strength Combo Workout

Try this Crazy Cardio/Strength Combo Workout for a Rock Hard Body

by Mike Geary, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist

I’m going to show you a unique type of workout today.  This is something you can use for variety, but not necessarily all of the time. Rotate this style of workout with your normal weight training routines.

This is a totally different way to structure your workouts and is great for breaking through a plateau and stimulating new results in your body.

Typically, most guys either do a “cardio” session before or after their workout or on different days altogether. This type of workout shows you how to combine both strength training and cardio at the same time!

I’m not a big believer in long duration slow pace cardio. I’ve seen much better results with my clients using higher intensity types of routines. BUT, try this workout below for really interesting variety!

This method involves alternating short 1-minute bursts of high intensity cardio work in between weight training sets.

So for example, let’s say that you’re doing 4 sets of pullups or 4 sets of bench press.  Well, in between the weight training sets, you do any type of cardio at a high intensity for 1 minute.

This 1 minute burst of cardio could be a 1 min blast at high speed on the treadmill, could be sprinting around a track if you have a track at your gym, or could even be grabbing a jump rope and banging out a super high speed 1 min of jump roping between sets.

So your exercises are broken down like this:

Weight training set #1

60 seconds high intensity cardio burst

30 seconds rest

Weight training set #2

60 seconds high intensity cardio burst

30 seconds rest

Weight training set #3

60 seconds high intensity cardio burst

30 seconds rest

From here, you go into your next exercise and repeat the process.

This a VERY challenging style of workout and burns a TON of calories. If you find your workouts need something new to break a plateau, give this a try, and you’ll be shocked how hard this works you.

Keep in mind that you can also combine weight training supersets with a cardio burst, such as this style below.  In this example, I’m supersetting pullups and barbell squats, and then going right to the 60-second cardio burst:

Superset 1

– barbell squats 8 reps (set 1)

– pullups 8-10 reps (set 1)

– 60 seconds high intensity cardio burst

– 30 seconds rest

– barbell squats 8 reps (set 2)

– pullups 8-10 reps (set 2)

– 60 seconds high intensity cardio burst

– 30 seconds rest

Move on to next superset.

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