The 10 Least Anticipated Movies of 2013

A new year means a whole new crop of movies. Some will very likely be amazing (Oblivion) and others…not so much. A bad enough movie can be good, like Troll 2 or In The Name of The King, but that’s only because the perfect storm that has to come together to make movies that bad is as unlikely as the genius required to make the best. It’s not probable that any of the movies on this list are that kind of terrible, and some are only here because they are sequels to other awful movies, but all are more likely than average to disappoint.

1. G.I. Joe Retaliation (march)
Alright, this trailer looks awesome…but the first movie was awful and that’s why it gets a place on this list. Retaliation has a different director, Jon M. Chu, but Chu also directed Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never and Step Up 2… so we don’t have particularly high hopes.

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