Malcolm Brogdon: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
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Malcolm Brogdon: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Malcolm Brogdon


Malcolm Brogdon has become a star for the Virginia Cavaliers. This season, he has a career high in points per game for the team getting ready for March Madness.

The 6-5, 215 pound junior guard reached the 1,000 point mark in a February 16 game against Pittsburgh.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Brogdon Has Over 1,000 Career Points

Malcolm Brogdon


In 95 career games, Brogdon has 1,068 points, averaging 11.2 per game. This season, he has a career-high 13.7 points per game average. He has a 41.7 field goal percentage and a 85.7 free throw percentage on his career.

At the time of his 1,000th point, Brogdon told the Washington Post, “I just saw the baseline open up. I was thinking if the big doesn’t step over then I am going to try to dunk it. They might block it, but I’m going to go to the rim hard.”

2. Brogdon Was Part of a Bloody, Face-to-Face Collision in February

Malcolm Brogdon


In a February 22, 2015, game against Florida State, Brogdon and teammate London Parrentes collided. The players knocked faces, and both left the game bloodied. Brogdon was able to return to the game, but Parrentes wasn’t.

3. Brogdon Said ACC Players Signed Up For Mental Fatigue

Malcolm Brogdon


In a CBS Radio interview, Brogdon said the players signed up for the quick turnaround between games.

It’s tough, but at the same time, this is what we signed up for as ACC basketball players. So we’ve had quick turnarounds like this. It’s all mental. It’s not physical. Although your body can be a little fatigued, it’s mental. I think we’re a mentally mature team and experienced. It’s just a matter of getting your mind right and getting ready to play.

4. Brogdon Often Goes Under the Radar Because of His Type of Athleticism

Malcolm Brogdon


Brogdon’s athleticism isn’t as flashy as most fans like. Because of that, he often goes under the radar, according to the University of Virginia.

The other big reason has to do with his type of athleticism, which is something Brogdon readily admits isn’t exciting. He’s not an elite leaper and he’s not going to leave a defender in his tracks with a lightning quick crossover. But, as [coach Tony] Bennett says, athleticism comes in different shapes and sizes. Rugged, strong and long, Brogdon overwhelms players on the perimeter with his power more than he floats around them with grace.

Brodgon isn’t ignorant to this, either.

I’m not flashy. I’ll do nice things on the floor, but I’m not going to do the really impressive dunk or make the really impressive block. I think that’s what fans enjoy most about coming to basketball games, but that’s not what I provide night in, night out.

5. Brogdon is Working on His Master’s Degree

Malcolm Brogdon


According to the same University of Virginia article, Brogdon is currently working on his Master’s at Virginia’s Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy. The article credits his studies to his abilities in basketball, too.

His classroom experiences follow him both to the court — where Brogdon leads both vocally and by example — and to his interviews, where his confident and articulate nature is evident to anyone after a 10 second conversation. Quite literally, Brogdon is the complete package as a collegiate athlete. More than just about anyone in the country, he combines the aspects of basketball that don’t show up in the box score with the ones that do to create a player whose sole purpose is to do what it takes to win.

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