POLL, Jan. 24: Who’s Going to Win Super Bowl 50?



Super Bowl 50 will come down to the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos, the No. 1 seeds from the NFC and AFC, respectively.

So, who ya got?

There will be no shortage of storylines in Santa Clara this year.

Peyton Manning possibly attempting to end his career on top, a la Broncos general manager John Elway. Cam Newton, the young upstart, looking to add Super Bowl champion to a resume that may soon also include an MVP award. John Fox going up against the team he led to the Big Game 12 years ago. Ron Rivera looking to become the second-ever Latino head coach to earn a Super Bowl ring. The league’s No. 1 scoring offense going up against the league’s No. 1 defense in terms of yards per play.

We’ve got a two-week wait until kickoff, which is always the longest two weeks of the year for football fans, but there clearly will be plenty to discuss in the next 14 days.

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    • I’m a Pats fan and your probably right but i see the denver broncos as repeating Superbowl 48 but with panthers instead of Seahawks Denver’s Defence sucks and there offence weighs as much as defence the score will be panthers 63 Broncos 7 at the end a team can’t prepare for a stronger Defence!!!!!

      • The Broncos have the best defense. I will say you my friend are a sore loser and the Pat’s played well as where both Offenses struggled today. Cam Newton is good, but I don’t see him scoring all over Denver.

  1. Ummmm John Fox is no longer the Broncos head coach! Duh!!!!! I will take this sportswriters job! At least I have my facts right! Idiot!

  2. Well football fans, it’s like bringing in the new and out with the old. Manning has been there and done that. His time has come. Newton the younger start will Rock Manning’s world in this Super Bowl. People forget the coach of Carolina Panthers was in and won a Super Bowl as a player before. Carolina Panthers are in good hands plus also favored to win the Super Bowl in Vegas. But good luck to Denver Fans because your going to need it playing Carolina Panthers.

  3. Yes I think the Panther will win. I have been using this FREE Googleplay app called GameCaster-NFL since November. So far it has forecasted 70% of the games accurately. It forecasts the Panthers to win the Super Bowl 28 to 14 …