National Dog Show 2016 Results: Group Winners & Best in Show

Gia, a Greyhound, captured the prestigious Best in Show prize at the 2016 National Dog Show on Thanksgiving.

For the uninitiated, hundreds of dogs are split into seven different groups: Terrier Group, Toy Group, Working Group, Sporting Group, Hound Group, Non-Sporting Group and Herding Group. After going through the judging process, a winning dog was chosen from each group, and then those seven dogs went against one another for the National Dog Show’s ultimate prize.

Here are the complete results:

Best In Show

Winner: Greyhound

Hound Group

You can click here to see all the breeds from the Hound Group

Winner: Greyhound

Second in Group: American Foxhound

Third in Group: Rhodesian Ridgeback

Fourth in Group: Pharaoh Hound

Herding Group

You can click here to see all the breeds from the Herding Group

Winner: Border Collie

Second in Group: Briard

Third in Group: Bearded Collie

Fourth in Group: German Shepherd

Working Group

You can click here to see all the breeds from the Working Group

Winner: Giant Schnauzer

Second in Group: Black Russian

Third in Group: Rottweiler

Fourth in Group: Leonberger

Terrier Group

You can click here to see all the breeds from the Terrier Group

Winner: West Highland White Terrier

Second in Group: Norfolk Terrier

Third in Group: Scottish Terrier

Fourth in Group: Airedale Terrier

Toy Group

You can click here to see all the breeds from the Toy Group

Winner: Pekingese

Second in Group: Yorkshire Terrier

Third in Group: Miniature Pinscher

Fourth in Group: Japanese Chin

Sporting Group

You can click here to see all the breeds from the Sporting Group

Winner: English Springer Spaniel

Second in Group: Pointer

Third in Group: Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Fourth in Group: Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Non-Sporting Group

You can click here to see all the breeds from the Non-Sporting Group

Winner: Tibetan Terrier

Second in Group: Schipperke

Third in Group: Miniature Poodle

Fourth in Group: French Bulldog

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  1. AKC should rearrange the following groups before next season. They should put the working group up first, then the herding group, then the hounds, then the toy group, then the sporting group, then the nonsporting group with the terriers last.

  2. I just watched the show and did a rewind check!
    The herding group results in this article are all wrong! Need a fact check!
    Bearded Collid winner
    Belgian Malinois 2nd
    Briard 3rd
    Rough Collie 4th

    • The herding group is as posted 1st Border Collie, 2nd Briard, 3rd Bearded Collie, 4th German Shepard
      The Rough Collie & Malinois were not pulled in the final 6.

    • I watched that one too. Although it was listed as the 2016 show, it was identified in the broadcast as the 2015 show. I’d wondered, looking at the lineup of consecutive broadcasts, why the 2015 show had been missing. It wasn’t — just misidentified. In that, the Beardie one BIS.

  3. Of what value are the young couple? Their comments are simple and shallow. Are thy supposed to be funny? Not. She is like the “blonde jokes”; he is obviusly enjoying his dressing up and (pretending) being gay. They are nothing but a sad distraction and an annoyance to my annual enjoyment of the dog show. Please not agaiin. The commentary has been delightful and informative for 15 years No need to change what works.

  4. Where do you go to obtain additional information on a specific dog? Loved Clue the Tibetan Terrier and would like to know who his breeder was. Need more information about dogs in the show.

  5. Despite being THE most popular dog breed, the top choice for service dogs and a wonderful family pet, the Labrador Retriever has never won at the Westminster…NEVER! How is this even possible?!