Cowboys vs. Packers Odds: Point Spread & Total for Playoff Game

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The Dallas Cowboys will take on the Green Bay Packers in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs. According to Westgate’s Jeff Sherman, the Cowboys open as four point favorites. The over-under is set at 51 points.

The Cowboys are 10-5-1 against the spread this season. Dallas is 5-2-1 at AT&T Stadium and 6-4 as a favorite. The majority of Cowboys games have gone under the point total with 10 out of 16 hitting the under. The Cowboys are 13-3 overall this season and coming off a first round bye. Dallas had to wait to see who the highest remaining seed in the NFC would be since the Cowboys are the top seed.

Green Bay is 9-7-1 against the spread this season. They are just 3-5 away from home but 3-1 this season as an underdog. The total has hit over 10 times while it’s been under six times.

The two teams faced off in Week 6 and the Cowboys came away with a 30-16 victory at Lambeau Field. Dallas will get to host the playoff game but will face a much different Green Bay team. The Packers have won seven straight games and have an offense playing as well as any team in the league.

The Packers more than covered the five point spread in their blowout win over the Giants in the Wild Card round. Aaron Rodgers has been on fire as evidenced by his 362 passing yards and 4 touchdowns against the Giants.

The Cowboys are 8-2 in their last ten games and will enter the game with confidence based on their performance against the Packers earlier this season. Dak Prescott displayed great control of the offense in a hostile environment while Ezekiel Elliott had his way against the Green Bay defensive line.

Prescott was 18-of-27 for 247 yards, 3 touchdowns and 1 interception in their initial matchup. Elliott had 28 carries for 157 yards and the Packers will need to find a way to slow him down to come away with the road victory.

This one is shaping up to be one of the better matchups of the playoffs.

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  1. So basically besides the standard 3 points for home field, the oddsmakers say the Cowboys are a 1-point favorite. Considering the Cowboys beat the Packers, at Green Bay, by 16 points, I’d say most of the early money will be on Dallas. I expect the Cowboys to be giving up a full TD before the game starts next Sunday. If you want Dallas, take them sooner rather than later.

    • You are crazy!!! No WAY will the public bet Cowboys up to 7. Watch the line closely…….by Sat nite it will be less than 3……

  2. I am a Cowboy’s Fan! No way it goes to 7 points here…..wait it out… will drop to 3 1/2 for sure…..maybe even 3 late in the week!

    • Sorry boys Green Bay by 3. They are a different team. Now so mark my words..Green bay by 3 it will be too much pressure on Fax.

      • If Green Bay wins by three that means they’re 17 points better than they were in October. Fair enough. Now put the cowboys back at home, make them healthier then they’ve been all year with their entire secondary healthy, Dak playing his 17th game instead of his fifth, and all the Cowboys have had to improve by is a field goal (home field makes them three points better) and they still beat the Packers.

  3. I get it: Green Bay is a different team than the one Dallas defeated–much improved–while Dallas is exactly where they were in week six. Getting back Dez Bryant completely healthy, their best cornerback, and the emergence of David Irving as a pass-rushing beast is of no consequence.

  4. Joseph Suttera I disagree. Lots of lazy money is gonna go down on Dallas because “America’s Team”. Only way bookmaker can keep his positions even is to raise the point spread in GB’s favor.

  5. this actually is a tricky line? What Vegas is saying is that other then home field advantage, the cowboys are getting no love? but this can go up slightly and then drop to 3 or 3.5 by game time. meaning it’s going to end up a field goal game at the end? And i hope the Cowboys are victorious just because i don’t want to hear from any of these pundits about the 20 year drought to super bowl!!! Just win one!!!

  6. Aaron Rodgers isn’t who he was in week 6 and he’s now playing like the playmaker that we all know, leading his team from week to week to victory after victory. Add to that the fact that all the players on the team are stepping up and playing like the professionals that they’re paid to be and you have a recipe for victory in the making. And I don’t think that homefield advantage makes a difference at this point in time since the Packers are playing so well on any field that they walk onto and once they get rolling they can take any crowd out of the game as history has proven time and time again. And then there’s the factor of the awesome coaching and playoff experience of Mike McCarthy and his staff that is unmatched by few in the NFL’s history. And although there’s countless injuries for Green Bay every season they still have the talent to make the playoffs and very rarely get outplayed by any team, only to give the games away by little mistakes that become huge ones for them, resulting in them giving big games away. I always say that no one beats “The Packers” but “The Packers” and I look for a even game that will be a shootout with the loser being beaten by the clock as they try to come back. Whichever team that will be at game’s end will not change the fact that this game will be the Super Bowl this year in all actuality and I tip my hat to both teams for a great season, but I have to say “Go Packers” just as I have the last 48 seasons. It’s been another great NFL and I’d like to thank everybody involved in bring the fans the excitement that you do.

  7. I just read that the Giants beat Dallas twice – wonder how GB beat the Giants, then…next weekend is going to be a good one!

    • Yeah, that’s the guy who the Cowboys shut down but who came back against the Bears, has a QBR of 102 and followed that up with a QBR of 125 against the Falcons. You are such a freaking homer I can smell the cheese a thousand miles away.

      “The Packers very rarely get outplayed.” No, they weren’t outplayed when Dallas beat them 30-16, Tennessee slammed them 45-27, Washington drubbed the Packers 42-24–they only gave those games away “by making little mistakes”– and, of course they don’t do that any more. They’ve eliminated mistakes from the equation.

      “I always say that no one beats “The Packers” but “The Packers”. No shit? What a surprise. It’s the mantra of every uber-fan of every team. “The Giants didn’t beat the Cowboys. The Cowboys beat themselves.” “The Patriots didn’t beat Seattle, Seattle beat themselves.” “The Packers didn’t beat the Cowboys in the division game two years ago, the Cowboys beat themselves.”

      “And then there’s the factor of the awesome coaching and playoff experience of Mike McCarthy and his staff that is unmatched by few in the NFL’s history.”

      This doesn’t even pass the laugh test. His postseason record is 9-7. That puts him 20th on the All-Time list of Coaches with playoff wins, tied with John Madden and just ahead of Tony Dungy. “Unmatched by few in the NFL’s history.” True. Only one other coach is one game over .500 in the postseason at exactly 9-7.

      And, finally, Rogers had a QBR of 125 in week seven against the Falcons; yesterday he had a QBR of 125 against the Giants. So, how is he much different than he was 11 weeks ago?

      • Yea your one of those guys who think a participation trophy is a good idea, a Banwagon. Did you even watch the Dallas game it could have been in the 50’s. I hate when people say they beat themselves, that means you truly believe that the Pack is better than Dallas at every or several position????? The truth is this Dallas has the better Lines, the better Backs, WR, TE’s, Special Teams including the Kicker,, better Defense, Your best player on Defense is Washed up and will be on his back all day in Thor lol what a joke. Your better at one position, QB, and it aint enough. Go look at this stat look at the amount of Off. You have to have the rock to score and they wont have it. Sorry man your time is over. The officals cheated Dez 2 years ago, and No its Payback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • I generally don’t respond to idiots but in your case it’s almost a civic obligation. I’ve been a Cowboy fan since the 70’s and have forgotten more about the Cowboys than you’ll ever learn. If Dallas could have out up 40 on the Packers in October they would have. It’s almost baffling that you could be such a moron that you couldn’t tell from my post that I was knocking the Packers.

          One word: Shithead.

  8. Well that I didn’t know. But its still their first game back so we shall see FYI I am not a Greenbay fan. Just saying.

  9. I think its funny why someone says, “its a different team?” Really are they? Well lets pretend that’s true. The Cowboys are the more rested team, the healthier team Dez will be 100% for this game, The cowboys offensive line (the best in football ) is healthy and rested. So the Pack have beat have beat the Eagles, Texans, Seawawks, Bears, Vikings, and Lions. WOW Big deal. Not one of those teams represent a true offensive threat. Ol yea and before this “amazing run” I laugh. The Redskins destroyed them for 4 quarters. 42-24. The media will try to hype this game but really the Cowboys will by 2 or 3 Td’s.

  10. In case you don’t know football let me explain how this will play out. The Dallas Cowboys with 3 ALL Pro Healthy rested, offensive lineman, and the best RB in football also Rested, Motivated, Healthy will dominate in the trenches. The Pack will be tired, and beat down by the 4th quarter. BTW the center and Guard for Green Bay are out, along with Nelson, They cannot beat Dallas!!!!!!! Dallas won without DEZ, MO, Church, Irvin at DE, and were banged up. The media has done well about hyping up the game…They cannot stop the Cowboys. ol BTW all 4 Backs are healthy for the boyz as well. Here go to the bank with this Cowboyz 38 Greenbay 17.