Charles Barkley conducted an interview with Barack Obama, which the nation saw before Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game. Watch it here.

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Sir Charles weighs in on the most sensitive issue in America today.

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SNL kicks off 2012 with host Charles Barkley and musical guest Kelly Clarkson. It’s a threepeat for the Bark and Clark as this marks the third appearance for both host and musical guest.

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When he’s not busy playing golf or eating burgers off stacks of money Charles Barkley likes to put together music videos. Oh, and he’s got a message for today’s NBA players, “Make ya free throws!”

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And yes, there’s a dating sim component. Also: “WARNING, MAY BE EROTIC FOR CHILD”

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Basketball legend Charles Barkley gets hands-on with this year’s new ridiculous fitness trend, the Shake Weight for Men.

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