Conan O’Brien decided to join the gay hook-up and dating app Grindr with the help of Billy Eichner.

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Before his untimely death in February 2013, author Chris Kyle of “American Sniper” fame was interviewed by Conan O’Brien. Bradley Cooper plays him in the movie.

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Saturday Night Live alum Nasim Pedrad was on Conan promoting Fox sitcom Mulaney. Known for her Kim Kardashian impersonation, she shares her Aziz Ansari.

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They’ll steal your girl with a magic potion and then laugh as they fly off on a dragon. Watch out Jay-Z!

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You just gotta see Shaq’s penis. It’s like the Grand Canyon, you can’t live an not see it!

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It wasn’t just enough for Mitt to threaten Big Bird with a job cut, now he’s out for blood. Better learn to fly quick, bird.

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Gary Oldman sits down with Coco to discuss the intricate process of recording his part of Viktor Reznov in COD. In short, lots of shouting.

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Will Ferrell has been taunting Conan about shaving his beard for weeks and the day of reckoning has come. Like a madman hopped up on barbasol, Ferrell puts The Beardpocalypse into high-gear.

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