What Movie Should I Watch This Weekend?

Comic Book Heroes, Flightless Waterfowl and Privileged Teens: Ryan Reynolds goes ringslinging, Jim Carrey gets stuck penguin-sitting and two teenagers go class-cutting — who will you join this weekend?

Hawkman Can’t Catch A Break

Everybody in the comic universe is getting movie deals – Thor, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, that naked Silver Surfer weirdo. Poor Hawkman, just can’t land a deal. And that dumb helmet isn’t helping things.

Green Lantern (#3)

Trailer number three: Ryan Reynolds stars as the regular guy who ends up a superhero and Universe defender with the green ring. The Green Lantern hits theaters June 17th.

Green Lantern Movie Trailer

The Interweb is buzzing about the upcoming Green Lantern movie. It doesn’t come out until summer, but it looks like a blockbuster and revival for DC Comics. Watch the trailer and get a sneak peak of Ryan Reynolds as the dude with the emerald ring.