Linsey Pollak is a famous instrument maker in Australia. During a TED Talk in Sydney, he made an instrument out of a vegetable. Listen to it here.

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This Week: Red Hot Chili Peppers drop album number ten; Balam Acab inspires ooos and ahhs; Lil Wayne takes a stab at The Throne; CSS’ nu-rave sex punk; Zach Hill and Hella’s ferocious math rock.

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Al Lover sent us this mixtape and it’s fast becoming one of my new favorites. “Distorted Reverberations” continues Al’s journey into fuzzed out boom-bap chaos, with a collection of some of today’s best garage and psych-rock tunes chopped up into tweaked-out, neck-snapping instrumental hip-hop slabs.

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Don’t sleep on this one. Clams Casino is a young New Jersey based producer who works out of his mother’s attic. Beautiful but melancholic, full of lush vocals and sparkling samples, the tracks created for Lil B, Soulja Boy and Havoc stand strong without the vocals.

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