A United Kingdom Krispy Kreme apologized after starting a “Krispy Kreme Klub” promo campaign, oblivious to the association with the Ku Klux Klan hate group.

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Hacktivist collective Anonymous has launched a cyber war against the KKK’s websites and social media sites, releasing personal information of the members.

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Glendon Crawford was arrested for trying to build and sell an x-ray killing machine to eliminate “enemies of Israel.”

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The former Ku Klux Klan supporter, guilty of beating civil rights leader John Lewis, spent the last years of his life apologizing for his actions so he could go to heaven.

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Memphis no longer wants a park to be named after an infamous racist, and the KKK is outraged.

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A strange story that has been making the social-media rounds is actually true. What kind of bizarro world are we living in?!

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