Liquid Comics
Liquid Comics: Beyond Issue #2

Check out episode 2 of Deepak Chopra’s Beyond, the story of Michael Morton, a business man on an inter-dimensional quest to find his wife who vanished without a trace in India.

Liquid Comics: Ramayan Reloaded #1

Armagarh is a land reflecting the splendor of human excellence, and these four children of its chiefs have been trained their entire lives to protect it. Check it out and see just how splendid and excellent they really are.

Liquid Comics: Mumbai Macguffin #1

Two men are camping in the desert when they come across a strange and powerful Macguffin that changes their lives forever. So begins Liquid Comics’ Mumbai Macguffin.

Liquid Comics: Virulents #1

Get in on the vampire craze (but not the tween kind) and catch up on Virulents from Liquid Comics. It’s got vampires, zombies and terrorists. Awesome!

Liquid Comics: Weston Cage & Nicolas Cage’s Voodoo Child #1

Nicolas Cage and his son, Weston Cage put their heads together and created the comic book “Voodoo Child.” It follows the creepy connection between some missing girls in modern day New Orleans and a voodoo priest from the 1800s. Yep, this has got Hollywood blockbuster written all over it.