M.I.A. “Bad Girls”

M.I.A.’s got a lot going on right now: this video is a ridiculously catchy track with production by Danja (Timberlake, Britney, Madonna) and a tricked out drag race party in the desert for the clip – swagger for days.

Madonna with M.I.A. & Nicki Minaj “Give Me All Your Luvin”

“L. U. V. Madonna!” Well, you can all stop holding your breath cause here it is; Madonna’s big Super Bowl song with guests M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj, who I guess are this season’s “ethnic” Britney and Xtina. Madonna and football are strange bedfellows, but she does manage to get manhandled by countless linebackers in the clip. Be warned, it’s bubble gum pop insanity.

Spotlight: Breaking Up With The Band

It’s really upsetting – that moment when you realize the two of you are just headed in different directions and there’s nothing to be done about it. Maybe you can wish them well and move forward, but it’s hard to get over the hurt. Breaking up with one of your favorite bands just sucks. Relive the pain with us, five times over.

Rye Rye “Sunshine”

First single from N.E.E.T. Records signees Rye Rye, featuring a guest spot by M.I.A. Hipster froth up!


The second video from controversial electro superstar M.I.A.’s new album doesn’t have quite as many readheads being murdered. Watch the video for “XXXO.”