‘Argo’ Red Band Trailer

Find out how the CIA faked a movie in order to rescue hostages from Iran in this Red Band look at Argo, the new film starring and directed by Ben Affleck.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Red Band Trailer

Check out the red band trailer for Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter which surmises that Lincoln’s mother was killed by vampires and that the eventual 16th President of the United States dedicated his life to destroying blood-suckers with an axe.

Hit and Run Red Band Trailer

Former getaway driver Charlie Bronson (Dax Shepard) jeopardizes his new life in order to help his girlfriend (Kristen Bell) get to Los Angeles. The trip isn’t without a few bumps in the road as the Feds and Charlie’s former gang tag along for the ride.

The Watch Red Band Trailer

Neighborhood Watch now just The Watch, has released its red band trailer. The goofy comedy follows a bumbling neighborhood watch committee of Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill and Vince Vaughn who have stumbled across a plot to destroy the planet.

High School Red Band Trailer

Henry is a straight-laced high school valedictorian, never ditches school and has secured a college scholarship. He also decided to get high for the first time the day before the principal announced school-wide mandatory drug testing. Henry’s master plan: get every student in the senior class stoned so the test results are useless. Should be easy, right?