Facebook of the ’90s

Much like today’s Facebook, the Facebook of the ’90s was an equally confusing place, full of relatives and weirdos that you would rather ignore online than talk to in real life.

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The Ultimate Karate Rap

I’m pretty sure that when karate was being perfected hundreds of years ago in Japan, the plan wasn’t to include a white dude rapping over a drum machine. Somebody just lost their dojo privileges.

The Ultimate Talk Show Guest

MacGruber’s long lost cousin has the incredible talent of whistling “Georgia’s on My Mind” while looking like he’s a second away from a full blown seizure. Personally, my fav part is the kid at :039.

Occupy Pong

The Occupy Wall Street movement is illustrated by design firm MK12 via the old school video game Pong. The animation opened this month’s Zero Film Festival in New York City.

A Castlevania Medley

The music of Catlevania was pretty amazing and still sounds just as epic today as it did in 1986. Check out this musical tribute to one of gaming’s first classics.

Cobra Kai Sensei Stare Down

I’ve got a short list of requirements when selecting a dojo: badass sleeveless uniforms, borderline illegal training practices and a name that strikes fear into the heart of any opponent. A weirdo sensei constantly staring at me is not one of them. Sorry, Cobra Kai.

Retro Warfare

You may not be taking on Middle Eastern terrorists, but that’s not to say that space invaders and Pac-Man ghosts are to be taken lightly. Power up!

How NBA Jam Came To Be

Video has surfaced of Midway’s video pitch to the NBA for what would later become NBA Jam. Personally, I’m a little let down the video’s main selling point wasn’t the legendary phrase, “boomshockalocka!”