What’s New In Music This Week

Handsome Furs bring anti-establishment synth-punk, John Maus does lo-fi robot disco, Shabazz Palaces push progression (album of the year?), Red Hot + Rio mix Brazil with the indie set, and one of the F*ck Buttons goes solo as Blanck Mass.

What’s New In Music This Week

This week: Wood’s continue with more lo-fi magic, Brooklyn’s Ford + Lopatin synthesize and stimulate, Battles’ first album without their frontman (still good!), Mark Ronson gets Black Lips polished (for them), Arctic Monkeys continue their journey with a more serious sound.

Minty Fresh Beats “Jaydiohead”

NYC dj/producer Max Tannone crafted this mashup of Jay-Z and Radiohead. Tannone, who also goes by Minty Fresh Beats, got a lot of buzz around this mix, with even Jay-Z tweeting, “There are 3 or 4 real gems on Jaydiohead.” That means it’s good.

The 20 Hottest Rocker Chicks

No pop tarts or prefab cuties, as delightful as their plasticine sexuality may be. This is 20 chicks who shred ass and look good doing it

Full Release: Music

This week’s new albums include releases from Robyn, Pitbull, Devo, Tom Petty and more. Check our capsule reviews.

Steven Van Zandt Said “Born to Run” “Sucks”

He may have collaborated with Bruce Springsteen since the mid-70s, but he’s claiming that he told The Boss that the “Born to Run” album sucked and Springsteen challenged Van Zandt to improve it.