NASA’s EM Drive, or Electromagnetic Drive, defies Newton’s Third Law of Physics… but somehow it just keeps working in studies. It’s finally passed NASA’s peer review.

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If the weather is not cooperating where you are and you can’t see the super blood moon eclipse, check out NASA’s live stream here.

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Christian pastor John Hagee says that the supermoon lunar eclipse Sunday night is the final blood moon that is a sign of the coming apocalypse.

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A rare supermoon lunar eclipse will occur on September 27, 2015. Here is how you can watch a live stream online.

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A rare supermoon lunar eclipse will occur on Sunday, September 27, 2015. Here is info about when it will happen and where you can see it.

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A handbag that can become translucent to help women find stuff in their purse and more can be expected in the near future.

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SynDaver Labs presented their synthetic bodies to Shark Tank in Season 6. Heavy interviewed its founder to see how the company has grown since the show.

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What is the latest solution to air pollution, global warming, and smog-covered cities? According to Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde, it’s an LED-powered tower that can absorb smog and leave the city a cleaner place.

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Kepler-452b is the first “near-Earth-size” planet found in a Sun-like star’s habitable zone by NASA’s Kepler telescope.

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A video of what is described as a “400,000 volt short” catching fire at what appears to be a power plant looks like a demon god has been summoned.

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It’s time to see who measures up.

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It’s the mystery that has driven the Internet crazy — is this dress blue and black or white and gold? Now all is revealed.

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Show off your geek pride with these awesome iPhone 6 cases.

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Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the Winter Solstice, which takes place on December 21, 2014. It marks the shortest day of the year and the longest night.

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Corning Gorilla Glass is a rugged and durable version of glass that is used in a lot of tech products. But how exactly does it work?

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Beautiful photos from around the world of the October 8 “blood moon” lunar eclipse.

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